#1526 | Thursday, August 8th 2002
I will never forget it, I was in homeroom, talking to a friend when our principal came on the intercom and said we had a national tragedy and that 2 planes had crashed into the WTC. At first we all thought they were just accidents. Then, when I went to my next class, my teacher had on the TV and we all watched live as the towers collapsed and knew that they were not accidents. All we did all day was watch the TV, in every class. Even now, as I look back on a test I was taking as the planes were crashing into the towers, I think back to where I was when I was told about the terrorist attacks.
Brittany | 15 | Connecticut

#1525 | Thursday, August 8th 2002
I was in school on the morning it happened. They wouldn't tell us. The Principal and Vice-Principals came in every classroom throughout the day. They turned off every T.V. regardless of what was on. They turned off the internet connection to every computer in the building. They shut down the pay phones so we couldn't call home. All they said was this, "Something terrible has happened in the country today, it is not our place to tell you what. If your parents wish, they can tell you when you get home." That was it.
Kyle | 15 | Indiana

#1498 | Friday, July 26th 2002
Sitting through the normal English class, working on a project about the Holocaust, somebody surfing the internet on a computer said that there was news on usatoday.com that a plane had crashed in New York. I had remembered something from the week before about a parachuter who got stuck on the statue of liberty, and thought nothing of it. I was picturing some stunt plane that ran off-course.
Then the History teacher from next-door came in and said that another plane had crashed into the WTC and it was intentional. It finally hit me - and scared me.
The next class started and I had to go to History. On the TV there we saw the collapse of both buildings unfold. It was just unbelievable to sit there and watch - just watch live and two whole buildings tumbled down, and not be able to do or say anything. Then, as they announced the Pentagon's crash, I got worried about my brother who lived in Washington DC. He turned out fine, after many phone calls. Others weren't so lucky.
That night at home was the first time I cried. I couldn't imagine what the relatives of victims were feeling right then. Everything still seemed so surreal.
The newspapers didn't stop running the story for weeks.
I kept every newspaper.

Sally | 15 | Pennsylvania

#1496 | Thursday, July 25th 2002
I was in 2nd period, Spanish class we were taking this quiz, my teachers phone rang, she picked up, came back told us and turned the tv. I didn't believe a word, when I watched I saw bodies flying out of windows, people looking for loved ones, it hurt me alot. And just thinking about it, it hurts even more. I will never forget that day. When I got the quiz back, I made an "11" just so random that, that happened on Sept. 11th. I will keep that quiz for the rest of my life.
Gladymar | 15 | North Carolina

#1482 | Wednesday, July 17th 2002
When I heard the devastating news, I went to the airport and handed out rosaries with my family.
Lucy | 15 | Arkansas

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