#112 | Thursday, September 20th 2001
clear memories. it was second period, right before geometry class. i was doing homework. i saw the second plane hit the tower live on the television stationed in the common room of my school dorm. someone said, "someone tried to blow up new york city." i continued. problem 15. problem 16.

online. a friend of mine says, "on television, real small like that, it looks like a movie. but here you can smell the smoke. it's real here."

later, i knew it was real because the same picture was on every channel.

love to the victims.
love to the survivors.
justice to the perpetrators.

but remember, hate perpetuates division. division perpetuates hate.

emily | 15 | New Jersey

#67 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I live in Connecticut near the shore and often vivst New York and family living there. I was sitting in my first period class getting ready to leave when the principal came over the pa system with a message I'll never forget..."Today America is under attack. The World Trade Center and Pentagon has just been hit by planes. That is all the information we have now. We will keep you up dated as more information comes in. Thank you." They school litteraly broke down froom there, students crying and fighting for phones whos lines were over 30 people long. Some had gone to the libarary where there is cable to watch the news and the eventual collapse. I went with my friend AJ to a teachers class to see what information was avalible online. As soon as the site finished uploading we saw the terrible sight of the towers and people. When I saw those photos I got physically sick but tried not to cry. AJ however was bawling and ran. I spent the remainder of that day under the sink in the girls lav with my best friend trying to convince her that her father wasn't there.
Isabella | 15 | Connecticut

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