An Introduction...
"Where Were You When America Was Attacked?"

This site exists to gather the thoughts and emotions of everyday people to the events on and after September 11, 2001.

Why must we record these thoughts?

Wouldn't it have been wonderful to have known what everyday people felt when Pearl Harbor was bombed or what the nation was thinking when the word Vietnam was first introduced into our nation's psyche or when Kennedy was assassinated, and how those views changed as the events afterwards unfolded? It would be a great historical resource. The media records everything, true, but those records get lost and aren't compiled like these fresh ongoing thoughts from people of all backgrounds.

How has your patriotism changed since the incident? What were you doing when you found out? What did you feel at first? How do you feel now? What do you want to see happen? Did you do anything to help?

If you've lost somebody, were involved in the rescue, viewed it happening, or were of the many hoping, praying, and crying back home glued in front of your tv set, frantically trying to call yours, tell us your story, so generations and generations after will remember that it wasn't only a war on our buildings, our government, our economy, but of our hearts and lives and everything that makes us an American.

These are the World's hearts and thoughts.

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