#1480 | Tuesday, July 16th 2002
Almost a year later, I can still remember ewvery move i made on September 11th. i went to first period and we joked and laughed and the world was happy go lucky. As I was running to beat the bell for second period, i slammed the door closed to the locker room, and when i looked around, i saw shock and tears streaming down every girl's face. I was stunned and I thought someone had fallen in the locker room, but as i turned the corner, a site i will never forget caught my eye. There was a huge huddle of girls sitting in the floor and we were all watching the same tv tell us that our country was under attack. None of us believed it as we sat there and watched live as the second plane hit the WTC. then the images of the pentagon were flashed across the screen and it all seemed so surreal. When the bell for third period rang, I remember a hushed sound in the halls and everyone, if talking at all, was telling of the events. I got to third period faster than ever before, and i sat down to be greeted by the images again. Then a classmate came running into the classroom with tears straming down her face, and took her seat in the back of the classroom. I wouldn't find out until much later that her family members were in the trade center and didn't manage to make it out safely. I remember hearing my teacher mumble the words "please don't forget where you were today because this is a day you will never forget!" I was never so happy in all my life to hear the lunch bell ring. i ran to the telephone and called my parents to see if they'd heard and I just wanted to hear their voice! i went the whole day, eyes glued to the television and I remember making my dad speed home just in case something new happened. I will never forget the hate i felt as i heard of the attacker and how they had managed to do something so huge. I was so mad and hurt and shocked, but also, i had emmense pride in my country! I saw flags go up and wave with such a beautiful glow. I saw strangers embracing in the streets all over my town and i saw school memebers resolving petty issues in light of the tragicv events! Spetember 11th will stay with me forever. it is a day I will never forget.
Lacey | 15 | Tennessee

#1455 | Tuesday, July 9th 2002
On September 11, 2001 I had only been in high school for a few days. I was in my third period class, writing, when someone came in and whispered something into my teacher's ear. Apparently the administration as usual was trying to shelter the students from any important information. Things were going around in the hallway about 'the wtc got attacked', etc. etc. By sixth period, choir, everyone knew what happened. We sat around and listened to the radio. Everyone was devasted. I can understand that people were afraid if there loved ones were in the building, but otherwise, I just don't understand why people were SO affected. Yes, it is extremely sad that over 5,000 people perished over such a trite, trivial thing as cultural differences. Things like this happen all the time in Isreal. People seem to ignore the fact that there are constantly suicide bombers in Isreal. Living in America does not make you immune to things. I am also shocked by people's inibilities to understand that, yes, there are absolutely horrible people in the world. People have built walls up around themselves, and lived in a fantasy world. This is a sad sad awakening. This is a sad awakening that ANYWHERE, people kill eachother over disagreements. It is not a happy safe world. Another thing that bothered me about some peoples responses to the WTC attack was that they blamed all Arabs. I was watching the news, and I saw that a man who was HINDU, not even Muslim was shot. I believe this shows the true sorrow of the whole 9/11 situation. We were attacked because of cultural differences, and then people in this country have the nerve to be racist against muslims, and people who look remotely like muslims, and persecute them becuase they are different. This reveals the blatant hypocrisy of the whole situation and it is sad.

Though this entry is cynical and shows a different view point, it doesn't mean that I'm completely anti-America or anti-government. It also doesn't mean that I don't think that what happened on 9/11 was absolutely sub human and barbaric. Because it was. Anyone who kills anyone is subhuman. My heart goes out to all of the people who lost someone on 9/11. Maybe one day we can understand that we are all equal. Only then will we be able to function as truly the great creatures that humans are made out to be.

Julie | 15 | New York

#1453 | Tuesday, July 9th 2002
On Sept. 11, i woke up to my mom crying and screaming "Oh My GOD!" I asked her what was wrong and she explained to me that the WTC was being attacked. I had never heard about the Twin Towers or the Pentagon until that morning. I had to ask several friends about it to fully understand what was happening. When I got to school that morning, my friend was crying hysterically. Her mother was in Boston that week, her flight back home was that morning, but fortunatly, she had woke up late and missed the flight. We later found out, that her flight was the plane that got hijacked. It was scary to see how so many people died that day, and I cant imagine how someone would ever want to comit such a crime.
Kirsten | 15 | California

#1441 | Friday, July 5th 2002
I was at school. I heard about it in government class.
W. Harlin | 15 | Maryland

#1409 | Friday, June 21st 2002
I was in my geometry math class. At the start of math (9:40 a.m. CT), there would always be daily announcements. At the end, Mr. Harmon, who always does the announcements, told the teachers to go to their mail-boxes in the office and pick up a special bulletin. After that, Ms. Concklin, my teacher, told our class that the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon had been attacked. I remember the class got extremely quiet. She said that for the last 10-20 minutes of class, we'd watch CNN. It was very hard to concentrate and we weren't able to find a working TV.

After math, I had a dentist appointment. The dentist office always had a soft-rock radio station on in the background, but instead of music, they had George W. Bush's speech and news reports from NYC. The appointment lasted long enough that instead of going back to school for lunch, I stayed home. That's when I saw my first images of the planes hitting the towers. My mother took me back to my last hour class (French II) and I was telling everyone how horrific it was seeing those planes crashing.

Post 9/11, especially the week after, were really eerie. Even if kids weren't talking about it, everyone had it on their minds. Not seeing jets in the air was okay, but once they started flying again, I'd be like "wow, a jet".

9/11 is a day I'll never forget and neither will the millions of American citizens.

Nicole M. | 15 | Wisconsin

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