#1671 | Thursday, September 5th 2002
In the September 11th I was in my home, I openned TV and I saw an aeroplane in the WTC building. First, I did not realize what is the meaning of this, but then when I saw the analysts I understood that this is a really big thing!!! My friends were in scouts so I called them every 15 minutes to give them the newest information... I did the same with my fother who was in France, and he told me: "This is the begining of world war 3!!!"... It was strange for me because I live in Israel and we have terror attacks almost every-day so I didn't understand what is the "Big Deal". Now I know that it was a really meaningful ivent and it influence the all-world!!!
I wish America won't be naive, and won't give Saddam Husain a "CHANCE" because he has the responsability of 90% of the world terrorism!!! People, try to be careful when you go full places... And GOD BLESS AMERICA (And Israel!!!) :)

Eyal Ben-Ze'ev | 15 | Israel

#1649 | Tuesday, September 3rd 2002
I was at school in french when a boy got sent out of our class. when he returned he said the empire state building had been crashed into by a plane. i didn't think anything of it but when the bell rang to go home, my nan picked me up, she asked me if i had heard what is going on in the world. she explained on the way home. when i got in i watched in horror what had been going on. i was scared war was going to be declared and felt for eveyone over in America. Iam english but i am 100% behind America and there actions against terrorist - what kind of world is this?
Cara | 15 | United Kingdom

#1618 | Thursday, August 29th 2002
I was in high school, in English class when the world trade centers where attacked. The princibal came on the intercom in a stern upset voice and said there has been a Terrorist Attack on the U.S. WTC in NYC. I was standing up becuase we were working on Romeo and Juliet at the time and i was acting. I literally fell backward and against the chalk board. My best friend lived 17 blocks away from WTC. We were planning how we were going to go there in April. I was devistated i had no idea if he was ok. His wife worked at Juliard School Of Music i had no idea how close that was to WTC. All i remember from NYC when i was there was that the school was next to a big book store. So I was pretty scared and then the next day school went about it normal day and i mean we had tvs on all the time and moments of silences. But our school has mountains all around it and windows everywhere and when we were in U.S. History, talking about this a whole bunch of big birds flew over the mountain and we all screamed and went under our desk. It was so scary to be on edge like that. I mean I lived something that is going to change the history books forever.
Generation 911

Jenna Marie Brochu | 15 | Connecticut

#1598 | Sunday, August 25th 2002
I was in Math Class. I went down to the resource room to take my test. On the way down I went past the Social Studies room, and saw the class watching the TV. I just thouhgt they were watching some kind of war movie. So I went on down to take my test. When I came back up they were still watching it, and there were more kids and teachers including my math teacher. She motioned me in to the room. I heard the words: planes, World Trade Center. Then I heard them say, "Two jet planes just crashed into each of the World Trade Centers." Then the bell rang for lunch. While we were at lunch, one of my friends came running in screaming, "We've been bombed." We told her again what happened. After lunch we then found out about the Pentegon, and the Penn. crash. That night I couldn't sleep very good. Two weeks after it had happened, is when I wanted to learn more about it. My heart goes out to all the people who were affected.
Cyle Rex Traster | 15 | Illinois

#1538 | Tuesday, August 13th 2002
Roger Lewis
I was in the Chemistry Lab doing an assignment when the Physics teacher came in and told us what had happened we went right to the library and watched what had happened

roger | 15 | California

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