#1218 | Saturday, April 27th 2002
I first head about what happened on 9/11 very early in the morning. I was with my auntie that morning when my uncle called from California and told us the what happened. My auntie and I were so suprised, then we turned on the television and we were watching the news and we saw the Trade Center in flames. That day I was going to school and the whole school day our teachers were discussing about 9/11. I think that was the day I was really thinking what it means to be a American.


Andrew Angeles | 15 | Hawaii

#1217 | Saturday, April 27th 2002
I was suprised that day. When I woke I went to living room like I always do when I wake up. My uncle was watching tv & there was a building burning. That day I thought he was just watching a regular movie. I was gasping & laughing when the airplane hit the building. Then right after my uncle said that it was real, Iwas in shock. How could that happen to our country?
That day when I got to school we was watching that on the tv in all my classes.


Roderick Batoon | 15 | Hawaii

#1216 | Saturday, April 27th 2002
Well on the day of september 11, it was just another day of school, I got up and got ready as always. My uncle was droping us off, he said was saying some nonsence that theres no school today, so, me and my cuzins thought he was just jokeing so we just went on and he was dropping us off. While he was droping us off we always listen to the radio on the way, so on the radio they were talking about it. I thought it was some joke again so i just didn't take it seriously, until we reached school and people were talking about it, and then after in class, the teachers were talking about it, so well now, it wasen't a joke. In class we watched the news on whats going on and what people are doing. Well thats about it, thats how I found out.
Lyle Perez | 15 | Hawaii

#1210 | Friday, April 26th 2002
I was suddenly awaken by the sound of my phone ringing from my uncle in L.A. telling my mom that we're going to war. I jumped out of bed to the sound of the television on the highest level. As I walked into their room I glanced at the TV screen to see the second plane crash into the second building of the WTC.

As I walk through the hallways at my school, the TV's in the classroom was all tuned in to the news that repeatedly shown the planes crashing. It made me think about all the people who lost their innocent lives and their families that they left behind. It's sad that it took the events that happen in Sept. 11, for us Americans to come together as one. But it's GREAT to see us Americans come together as one...

"Unite we stand...Divided we fall"

Abigail Corpuz | 15 | Hawaii

#1174 | Thursday, April 11th 2002
I was at school in Civics class and we turned on the TV at about 9:30 and saw what had happened. I'll never forget the chill that went through my spine. I still can't believe it happened.
Jake | 15 | Minnesota

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