#1286 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
I was sitting in history class about 9:45 and my history teacher was called out by the principal. He came back in the room and said that the world trade center has been hit...and I thought to myself who would want to do that. I then found out that it was those Talibines. I was sooo sad to hear about the tragedy and I was shook up because it already was a tragic month my grandfather passed away. I am 15 but I serioulsy hope that something like this will never occur again.
Mike | 15 | Pennsylvania

#1276 | Tuesday, May 14th 2002
I woke up in the morning about 6:30am and got ready for school. I had extra time before I leave so I turned on the tv and saw paper and dust all over the streets of New York. I also saw this same program on about 50 or 60 other channels but didn't quite get the real story until a news reporter said two planes crashed into the world trade center. I thought it was an accident but how could that have been an accident? When I came home from school was when I got the real story. Two planes on a suicide mission to destroy the two world trade center buildings, another suicide mission to attempt to destroy the Pentagon, and another plane headed for camp david perhaps.
Jonathan Allen | 15 | Hawaii

#1268 | Saturday, May 11th 2002
september 11 i was in school the day it happened. and i was frightned i had lost people i know in the world trade center. amd my father happen to be in the city but he turned around right when it happened so he is ok. but my family that was hurt didnot sevive they died. i am so upste and i have tried to move on but it's hard and i think that moving on and trying to start a new life it sucks. i cannot evey day i think about what happens i have gone to church every night and lit candles and pryed for a long time. i have watched it fall over and over again on tv i am not happy with everything happening to our world. i have called all my family members the day it happened and i was so upset when the first plane hit and so on. i am not happy at all. remember all thr cops fire fighters and other people who had hepled during this time. i am here to support everyone in our world. i was in the city towards december or some where near that time. so i know what the feeling was when i saw it just standing there. the fear i had how scared and if this was to happen again after they put it in.
irene | 15 | New York

#1266 | Saturday, May 11th 2002
I was in the science lab doing a doing an assignment and when the chem. teacher came in and told us what had happened we were all surprised at what had happened. When I went home i was glued to the television for the next three days


Roger Lewis | 15 | Cook Iislands

#1265 | Thursday, May 9th 2002
I was sleeping over my grandmas house, and she woke me and my brother up about 5pm, I didn't know what was going on until I saw the crash, thats when I really woke up. After the reaction, I was so scared to go to school, but I had to, and while in school I was afraid of the same thing happening while I was at school, and at the time, no place was safe.
Jazmin | 15 | Hawaii

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