#1243 | Wednesday, May 1st 2002
The first time that I heard of the WTC (twin towers) being attacked was that morning maybe around 7:45 a.m., Hawaii time. I was on my way to school and I heard it on the radio. I wasn’t really sure he really meant when he was describing what had happened, so I was really confused. I didn’t believe it until later because the station that I listen to usually plays jokes here and there. My English teacher was the one who had made it clear of what happened. I got the picture and I felt traumatized. I thought of the people who had died and how fast their lives got taken away from them. What was worse was that she said that their next target might be Pearl Harbor. Our school, Waipahu High neighbors Pearl Harbor so I kind of panicked. I was also alert of anything that flew in the air.
When I came home that afternoon, every channel I turned to was on the attack. My family was watching it and they all had the same reaction. They weren’t sure of what was going on either, so I explained to them. It was such a horrific thing to watch and every time that I watched it, no matter how many times I still felt the same amount of shock, worry, and disbelief. Now I feel much safer because of the new laws that came out due to the terrorist attack. The chances of a terrorist hi-jacking a plane is much slimmer. One more thing, “GOD BLESS AMERICA!!”

Gretchen T. | 15 | Hawaii

#1242 | Wednesday, May 1st 2002
On the morning of September 11, I woke up to the telephone ringing at around 5:45am-6:00am Hawaii time. My mom was on her way to work and she called the house. She told me to wake my sister up and turn on the TV. She then told us to watch the news. When we turned the TV on, there was nothing but news on every channel! We were like, "What's happening?!" My mom then said we had to watch the news and to check if we still had school. The news reported that the WTC was crashed and also part of the Pentagon. I didn't have much knowledge of the WTC at the time and I didn't know the effects of it on the U.S. and the world. I was getting confused on what was really happening and asking myself if thios was real or was I still asleep having a nightmare. I learned more and more that it was a terrorist attack and somehow bin Laden was the one to blame. I was very sad in a way and still angered that they were doing it to my country, our country.
We kept the TV on while we ate breakfast and althrough the morning until we were off to school. At school, everybody was somber. They weren't as loud as they usually were talking about their own personal lives and their own problems. They were all talking about the events that had just occured in New York and at the D.C. Everyone was in a state of shock, kids our age hasn't ever been through anything this devastating, we didn't really know how to react but just to take it in at first. On that day, I felt as if my friends, the kids and staff around us, and everyone attending our school came together to really grieve for our own nation at its worst. In my first and third period, I didn't do much work because our teachers let us watch the news to better understand what was really happening to our country.
The days and months after 9/11 was filled with watching the news for countless hours, a short break from tennis and any other extra-curricular activities to show our compassion to this event, and lots and lots of the American flag. Patriotism spread throughout the nation and it was very inspiring in a way saying that the U.S. wasn't beaten. People may have lost job, their relatives, and lots of money, but their pride for their country has risen to unknown heights and that's what really made me happy from this event. I'm not saying it was good that we were terrorized, just that some outcomes brought out the better side of people knowing that life is short for both you and me, so let's spend the time together while we can.

Jeanie Aguilo | 15 | Hawaii

#1239 | Wednesday, May 1st 2002
well during the time when the twin towers went down I remembered going to school and mostly everybody were talking about but I didn't believe it until I've seen the actual thing happen on t.v..My reaction was shocked when I seen it.I told my family as soon as they got home from work but they didn't have any clue what I was talking about till I turned the t.v. on because every news station were talking about it.And you should have seen my mother's face.It dropped when she saw those 2 buildings collapse.And all I wanted to say to those people who lost their loved ones that we are all here for you no matter what.And the people that died that very day R.I.P.!
Karen A. | 15 | Hawaii

#1236 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
On the day of the attack.. What was I doing? I was still sleeping. It was @ 6'o clock in the morning was then I found out that the twin towers in NY had been bombed. I woke up and my dad told me "shan, look the twins tower in NY" I was like "what? huh?" "what are you talking about?" then, he explained to me what had happened.. and I was furious!! I didnt expect terrorists would go that far.. But, they did..

Shannael M. | 15 | Hawaii

#1235 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
where was i during all this i was at home sleeping i think it was like 6 o clock or something but anyways i over heard my brother saying "what the" and i said whaaa what happend and i looked at the tv and saw that the twin towers were on fire and the replays of the airplane running into the buildings.......
Dexter Tabilisma | 15 | Hawaii

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