#1468 | Saturday, July 13th 2002
I had just arrived at the school where I work, and was putting my lunch in the refrigerator, when my coworker came into the kitchen and said, "Did you know that a plane hit the World Trade Center?" My first thought was that it was a plane crash - the truth was much worse. We ran to the office and listened with everyone else to the news as it came over the airwaves. Rumors were flying that there was another plane hovering over Northern Virginia, where I live.

By 11 o'clock, frightened parents were coming to pick up their children, and shortly thereafter, the school was closed. I went straight home, and turned on the television, alternately angry and sad. I saw a Stealth fighter plane for the first time in my life, and watched as it flew over our apartment complex. In the eery silence of the afternoon, my sisters and I watched and prayed and hoped fervently that there was no more destruction to come.

Ironically, the woman who told me the news later became pregnant, and her child is due... September 11.

Anne | 22 | Virginia

#1429 | Monday, July 1st 2002
I was on my way home from work when i heard the terrible news. I drive a school bus for elementary children and had finished my morning run and on the way home i hear this horrible news. Well all the little children where scared when i got back to the school. But i remember one child saying my daddy will protect us all he is in the military and he flies a bomber. This child was in kindergarden and she thinks her daddy can protect the world this is the same way i grew up and felt but you feel as you are not protected and dont know how to protect yourself.
Tim Greer | 22 | North Carolina

#1415 | Sunday, June 23rd 2002
It was about 2pm and I was sitting at my desk at work in a silent office when a friend logged into his IRC software and started sending me messages along the lines of "OH MY GOD SOMEONES CRASHED PLANES INTO THE WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWERS." At first I failed to realize exactly what this entailed, not really knowing where he was talking about. Before I could type my reply another message came through from him “I DON’T BELIEVE IT, THIS IS INCREADABLE ARE YOU WATCHING IT?” By now it was clear this wasn’t a joke and was serious, he sent me a link to a news site with streaming video and I clicked on it. The office was still silent (5 people) and I realty had little comprehension just how serious the event was so I sat there waiting for my video software to stream the data. Our connection to the internet was quite poor, my computer wasn’t setup properly to stream and I quickly became impatient and curious. I turned in my seat to my manager and told him what I had been told in a puzzled tone. He looked back at me in exactly the same way I stared at my screen when I had received the first message. He attempted to connect to the same Web site and had more success with his machine “Got it!” he said, then “Oh my god…” I quickly got up and walked to his screen to be greeted with the fuzzy outline of the Twin Towers with the plumes of smoke pouring from them, our immediate reaction was “Cool!” as we struggled to comprehend just how tragic the event unfolding really was. We began to send messages via our mobile phones to friends telling them to get to a TV. By then other people in the office took an interest, one colleague wandered over to see and said “Oh dear, this has been a long time coming for the Americans.” During the next 5 minutes the news started to relay around the building and my mobile phone started to flood with messages, one of my friends was at work and unable to get onto the Internet or a TV. Reports were coming in of the Pentagon attack. The shots of the towers became more and more graphic as it flicked between earlier shots of the one tower on fire and people in windows, then people started leaping from the tower and the reality of what was happening really hit us. One of my friends rang me and my manager rang someone, we were staring at the screen shouting info between ourselves and our mobile phones when the first tower collapsed, “One of towers has collapsed, did another plane hit it?” People ran across the office to see what we were shouting about and muttered other information they had been told about who had done it and where else had been attacked. After the second tower collapsed we ran to the conference room to get the TV (two people were in there having a meeting via the phone with some Americans with no idea what was happening.) We carried the TV down to the office and put it on. The real concern at this point was less with what had happened and more to do with what could happen. The TV reports were talking of a missing plane, then a report of a crash somewhere in Pennsylvania while going back to the earlier scenes, it was a short while before some footage of the second plane hitting was shown which really shocked us all. We were all very flippant at first like it was a movie but the reality of it left a sickening feeling as things calmed down.
MWF | 22 | United Kingdom

#1397 | Saturday, June 15th 2002
Well, i was on my rom when my parents call me to watch what was happening on New York, I couldn´t belive i called a friend and we pass all the day watching the historic and terrorific things where happening.
All we cand do is pray for the soul of ALL people who have been & are envolve on this

Oscar Cacho | 22 | Spain

#1346 | Thursday, May 30th 2002
I remember exactly where I was. I was stuck in traffic trying to get onto campus at the University of Maryland. I was waiting for the light onto campus to turn green when I heard a local morning show newsman break into the DJs’ schtick to announce that a plane had just struck the World Trade Center. They were wondering what happened. Speculation that this was just an accident went on for minutes....then the second plane struck. I got onto campus and ran to the journalism building, where a crowd of my peers were standing and watching. I watched with them for the next couple of hours as the plane hit the pentagon and as both towers fell. I remember going to one of the phones nearby and waking up my friend who had yet to hear. I asked, “You know the world trade center?” He said, “Yeah.” I said, “Well they aren’t there anymore.” It was a terrible day...God bless all who were lost. God bless us all.
Gerald Gay | 22 | Maryland

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