#107 | Thursday, September 20th 2001
I was on my way to class that morning when I heard on the radio what was going on. At first I didn't know what to think...if this was some kind of joke or what. But, at the beginning of class instead of going through the usual lecture we turned on the t.v. and watched both towers come down without saying a word. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop....not to mention how scary it was that this was actually happening. Like everyone is saying, it was like watching a scene out of a movie...thinking none of this was real and that nothing like this could ever happen to our nation.
Amber | 22 | North Carolina

#76 | Tuesday, September 18th 2001
I had just woken up, it was 9am. I turned on my television to CNN as I did every morning before, but this day it was different. On the 14" screen was a picture of the World Trade Center with one of the two towers ablaze. I was shocked, but I immediately dismissed it as an aircraft accident. I turned to my restroom, picked up my razor, and began to shave and prepare for my day. I watched the screen and listened to the commentators attentatively. Suddenly, I saw it: a second plane came into view of the camera and rushed head long into the second tower. I was devastated. This was obviously not an accident. I contacted my friends, family, everyone I knew over the next 30 minutes to an hour to update them. I cried off and on during that time.

I was in New York City in November of 2000. I saw the World Trade Center. I marvelled at its splendor and gawked at how amazingly huge it was. The week before the terrorist attack, I had visited Toronto and went up the tallest building on Earth, the CN Tower. It all hit home. Without proper retalliation for this attack, our skyscrapers will forever remain a target to the hatred and blackened hearts of our aggressors. One of the greatest moments in my life, visiting the CN Tower and going up it may possibly be something that the world will be frightened to experience themselves moving forward.

Jody | 22 | North Carolina

#50 | Monday, September 17th 2001
I happened to be on vacation as it happened. I was waking up in my hotel room in Kaua'i, Hawaii by my frantic sister who told me the news.

My response: "Is this for real?"

Jesse | 22 | California

#36 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
i was in a small, 20 passenger puddle-jumper jet flying from tulare, california to los angeles. we were the last flight permitted to land at LAX.
winn | 22 | Tennessee

#22 | Sunday, September 16th 2001
I was at work in Christchurch England. The receptionist ran in and told me her husband had called to tell her the first plane had hit the trade center. moments later she came in and said the other had been hit. I was sitting at my desk in complete shock. I then learned the Pentagon had been hit as well. It was about 2pm in England. I'll never forget it. I am an american student working abroad. I want to thank the british people for their support.
Danni | 22 | United Kingdom

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