#1611 | Tuesday, August 27th 2002
I was 7 months pregnant and ordered to complete bedrest, and on the morning of 9/11 my mom called me and told my husband and I to turn on the TV. She sounded upset and was talking about some "plane crash" at the WTC.
I was shocked when I saw the live coverage of the towers burning, and then later the Pentagon. I remember I couldn't stop shaking, I felt very saddened and scared by the fact that I would soon be bringing our baby into a world of violence.
My husband was sent home from his job shortly after arriving there at 9:00. He's a telemarketer, and had been calling New York selling digital cable. He said he felt terrible trying to make a sales pitch to distraught and angry customers, and was glad when management let him go home for the day.
We withdrew all the money from our savings account because I was afraid of how well America's economy would hold through this tragedy. The next day I stocked up on canned foods, diapers, formula, bottled water and hid the rest of our money. I was too paranoid at the time to think straight!
I never knew anyone that worked in the WTC or Pentagon, but not a day passes when I don't think of the victims and their families and pray that they will find peace. I can't imagine going through what they have, it has shattered my image of us living in a "safe" country.
Our beautiful daughter was born the day after Thanksgiving, and I feel that 9/11 has taught me to be even more thankful for the family and friends I have. When she is older, I will show her magazines and newspapers portraying the events of 9/11 and tell her that horrible day has taught me to appreciate and love her more. God Bless.

Martha O. | 22 | Wisconsin

#1546 | Wednesday, August 14th 2002
Well it was a very quiet and silent morning. I was about to take my class, we where waiting for the teacher. I've heard many people talking at the same time outside the classroom, but i didn't pay too much attention. Then our teacher enters crying and very shocked, she told us that some airplane crashed on one of the towers. The students and myself were thinking it was some accident. We started our class, then someone called a student on the cell phone and told that another airplane crashed the second tower and one of them collapsed. And that another plane was hijacked and no one knows where the airplane was. We were shocked and afraid. One of my buddies starts crying because a relative works there. We started to pray. But we were so afraid that we couldn't continue the class and the teacher told us to leave
Maria Gandia | 22 | Puerto Rico

#1543 | Wednesday, August 14th 2002
This happened on one of my off days (Tuesday and Wednesday are my days off), and I was watching stupid daytime television (the Judge Mathis Show), when one of those scrolling notes came on at the bottom of the screen, saying a plane had crashed into one of the towers and to switch to a different channel for the news. I switched to CNN. At the time, people still thought this was an accident. I woke up my husband (he works at night, so he was still asleep at the time) and we watched the second plane crash into the other building LIVE. As soon as I heard a plane had hit the Pentagon, I contacted my place of work (Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC) to see if they needed people to come in and help with the casualties, but I was told they had everything under control and I probably wouldn't make it through the traffic anyway.
Chris | 22 | Maryland

#1529 | Friday, August 9th 2002
I was temping twice a week at Callisto's workplace[my sister] while her boss was on vacation. The third employee had just quit. While I was getting reading, I turned on the tv as I do to get me awake in the morning, sometime either before or right after the 2nd one.

My mom was still sleeping; I told my dad on the way to the train station. A couple of people were talking about it on the bus.

After we dropped off our stuff at the office, we headed to the boss' house next door to feed the cat. While we were there, we caught some of the coverage on the cable networks.

It wasn't until later, when I read the stories and saw pictures of people jumping that I cried.

CC | 22 | California

#1517 | Saturday, August 3rd 2002
I remember that day more so than any other day that I could possibly remember. That day had started different than usual that day. I had a accepted a temporary job delivering phone books. Which is something I'd never done before. As I had stopped at the store, the songs stopped playing and thats when I heard the news. It sounded like an old broadcast of some other event that happened long ago or something in a movie. So, I finished the job and came home to watch the news. When I actaully saw what happened, I was totally shocked. After time has passed and all the rubble has cleared, I did a web search about september 11th and came apon a few web sites and to relive that day is even sadder than when it actually happened. To those who have passed on 9/11 and thier familes; My deepest sympathies go out to you. God Bless America!
Amanda Albright | 22 | Louisiana

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