#1343 | Wednesday, May 29th 2002
I was awoken just after the first plane hit the first tower, by my phone ringing, I picked it up and my fiance was telling me to turn on the tv, I could hear his mom in the background screaming that we were at war or something bad was happening.
I turned on the Tv and every channel had all these horrific pictures of a plane hitting this tower. I was so out of it that I told my boyfriend that it must be another country. He assured me that it wasn't. Then I remember hearing the news person saying that a bomb exploded in the Pentagon, we learned a few minutes later that it was the other plane.
I remember my brother calling and telling me he was safe (he lives in Connecticut, but goes to New york often.)
I watched everything unfold, from right after the first tower being hit. I was in shock, I pretty much lived in front of the Tv for the first three days after it happend. I finally saw an interview with the wifes that had husbands on the plane and that was the first time I cried. (even after I saw people jumping out of the WTC because of the fire it never dawned on me that it was real. I just couldn't believe it.)
My father works in the Federal building in San Francisco and he told me that everyone got to go home but him and a couple of his men because they had to stay and secure the building. This freaked me out because I figured that these jerks were surely targeting San Francisco as well.
My dad also had to go the to San Francisco airport and watch for suspicious activity.
Everyday I stop and reflect on Sept.11th. I will never forget what happend, and I will make sure to tell my children so that they know. It's important that these people are remembered. I didn't lose anyone in any of the terrorist attacks, but I still feel a sense of great loss I can't begin to imagine how those that lost loved ones feel. But they are in my heart and on my mind always.

Amanda Carlson | 22 | California

#1329 | Monday, May 27th 2002
Sept. 11th, 2001...what can you say? It's all emotions. Tears, heartache, feeling for the families that have lost their sons, daughters, mothers and fathers...etc. On that day, I was in the daycare that I work at, I remember that we had a radio on and when it came across...we just froze. Turned on a tv..and watched as the Towers fell. I felt the tears well up and wasn't ashamed that I was crying for people that I didn't even know. The idea that someone could be so cruel and malicious was beyond me. I still can't understand how someone could have enough hatred to destroy the lives of these poor souls and that of their families. Being a mother of 3, all that I could think about was those poor children and mothers...My heart goes out to the families and remember America...Old Glory....HER COLORS NEVER RUN!!!!
Nikki Menscer | 22 | North Carolina

#1315 | Saturday, May 25th 2002
I was watching Rugrats, on commercial. I went in the bedroom and my grandmother had the TV on MSNBC. I saw the WTC smoking. Then the 2nd plane hit.
Anthony | 22 | United States

#1256 | Monday, May 6th 2002
It was about 9:45 am on 9/11 and I had just gotten out of the shower. I didn't have class till 1 pm but I got up early to get some homework done. I don't normally watch television when I wake up, let alone the news. But I decided that morning to turn on the television partly to see if anything exciting was happening this day and partly to put off my homework just a little bit longer. I turned on the television, around the time the second plane hit. Like many others I'm sure, I was in complete disbelief when the first tower collapsed. I kept telling myself that once the smoke cleared we'd see it was only the top few floors that collapsed. Needless to say, I didn't get any homework done that day.
Matt | 22 | Pennsylvania

#1202 | Tuesday, April 23rd 2002
On the morning of September 11th I was teaching in an American School in Nicaragua. I remember being told that a plane had hit the twin towers and that I should go to the library and watch the news. By the time I arrived there were tv's on in both Spanish and English and images of burning buildings. I stood there, unable to move in disbelief.
Being overseas when this terrible event occured, on my birthday, aforded me the oportunity to see first-hand the international outpooring of support for the United States. As a nation, we are often criticised for our international policy, but on this day the civilized world was standing with us and holding our hand. This knowledge gave me an unexplainable comfort. Thank you, to everyone around the world who cried with me.

Heather Lancaster | 22 | Nicaragua

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