#672 | Saturday, January 26th 2002
I was sitting in Global Studies class and we were actually talking about something like this and then all of a sudden a teacher runs in and talks to my teacher privately, and he addresses us and its on TV. He was a little hesitant at first because they played jokes on each other, but for sure, this was no joke. I went through the day shocked.
Felix | 14 | Pennsylvania

#646 | Tuesday, January 22nd 2002
I was in Computer Applications when the trade center was attacked uh I was typing in the class...like we alwys do! When the announcement came over the loud speaker that our teachers should check their mailboxes...and than we got the message that 2 planes hit both the world trade centers. We then turned on the radio and learned more.
Alex C | 14 | New Jersey

#635 | Wednesday, January 16th 2002
I remember these events like they just happened yesterday...I was in my 2nd period English Class around, A person (A staff member i'm guessing) was outside of our room, my teaher went to see what the person wanted, After, my teacher came back into the room quickly and put the TV on.I thought it as going to be something we were studying at the time, the oddysey for example, But i was totally wrong,I saw a building smoking on TV i noticed it was the Twin Towers. I was there to see only the first one hit which already crashed into the tower. Everyone in my class was silent...everyone thought it was probably an acident...Including the teacher. I went to my third period class and the tv was on...that when i saw that there was another crash. I thought to myself this is def. not an accident. I was thinking about my family and how they were dealing with this. All throughout the school day phones were ringing in my classrooms, kids would be called in for early dismisals...and all we did was watch the news the whole day. In Math i found out the pentagon was hit too. I couldn't wait to get home to see my mom and see how she was doing, she was fine and so was the rest of my family. Some of my football games that i cheerlead for was canceled because a kid in the football team had a father that worked in the trade centers was missing. There were like 4 other people in my school that were facing the same troubles.I found out a week ago that only 1 of those four kids parents died. God Bless them. My high school is said to have had most people related to this tradgedy in CT...God bless america and all those who helped in this tragic situation...and God bless all those who are suffering from lost family members or friends.
Amanda | 14 | Connecticut

#626 | Friday, January 11th 2002
I was in my Spanish II class in my high school when a kid ran into our class that a plane had hit the world trade center and the Pentagon. My heart sunk into my stomach. I couldn't speak and I looked at my classmates and they couldn't speak either; looking at each other with great disbelief. We watched the news for the rest of class and then I went to Algebra. We also watched the news as we explained to the other children what happened. I began to cry with anger and fear. I saw both towers collapse live on TV and I was shaking. Being a Catholic school, we had a memorial service/mass for the victims and to calm fears. That helped a lot. I will never forget that day for as long as I live.
Allie | 14 | North Carolina

#610 | Saturday, January 5th 2002
I was in a field trip with my class when we heard from someone that had a radio that the wtc callepsed because a playne fell in to it.
I was shocked.
No one can sleep after he hears that.
I hope america will capture osama and will teach him a lesen.

auren renford | 14 | Israel

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