#783 | Thursday, February 21st 2002
I was sitting in last period History class when the first plane hit.
I had sat totally oblivious to the disaster in history and on the bus
home. When I got home I got a frantic phonecall from my friend Glenn,
who just told me to SWITCH THE TV ON NOW. I rushed to the TV and on Sky
news the words BREAKING NEWS: AMERICA UNDER ATTACK were plastered on the screen.
I frantically thought who. I quickly suspected Iraqis or Russia, but frankly doubted
the latter. Then... TERRORISTS! God! I must have sat there for ages like a lobotomised
man watching the reports from frantic people describing what happened. I wasn't there to
see one of the towers collapse, I hadn't got home on time.

The next few days were amazing. You could walk up to a friend and just say, "Its absolutely
horrible" and they'd know what you were on about. I remember the crowds in the Computer rooms
and library digging up piles of information on what had happened. It seemed like the world had
been hushed into silence. Everyone was talking about it, tributes left and right, and I welcomed
every one of them. I couldn't believe the trade centers were gone, because I had always taken them
for granted when we went there and took some great photos.

Thank you for giving people like me the oppertunity to say what happened to them on September the
11th. It's a great idea and I will link to your site. Thank you.

Adam McGibbon | 14 | United Kingdom

#778 | Wednesday, February 20th 2002
When America was attacked I was at my friends house. Her father called, she was talking to him... I heard her say "ohh"..and her face became sad.
When she hung up the phone I asked.. "Whats the sad face?"
She said "A plane crashed into one of the WTC towers,,,and theres a fire".
We turned on the news...and saw it..
We thaught it was an accident at first..
But then...another Crash, and another...When the first tower collapsed i started crying..i saw it fall down and a tear fell down with it... I called another friend.. we talked for a while but all I remember saiyng was "There is no more twin towers...only A TOWER..."
I went home, and I was on the phone with her on the way.. she said "The second one collapsed too"... I couldnt imagine it until I got home and saw the second tower collapse too... I started crying again..i had a book, with pictures of new york..I opened ...saw pictures of the twin towers...all that day i spent crying and thinking "life is not worth anything..."
i realized how stupid the world is and i hoped that a thing like that would open its eyes...
but the situation got worse... and nothing changed...
after that day..Ihad strange dreams about me being in new york...and things like that....

i took the incident very personally...
although i am only a young girl, i want to make a diffirence, i want to stop wars...
going to new york and seeing the WTC towers was my dream and it blew up together with the towers on DECEMBER 11th 2001..a day that left a scar in my soul

anna | 14 | Israel

#754 | Monday, February 11th 2002
Even before 9-11, I was a very patriotic American, and was horrified when I woke up t the news on my alarm clock. I had a classmate that was so depressed he took his own life the next week. It was a hard few weeks for the entire world, but I am positive, America will prevail.

"Terrorist attacks can strikes the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America"
-President Bush 9/11/01

God Bless America

Daniel Anderson | 14 | California

#717 | Saturday, February 2nd 2002
when america was initially attacked, i was asleep, in my bed. i was still dreaming about the day before (my crush hugged me) and night of september 10th, i couldn't sleep. needless to say, i was pretty tired when my mom ran into my room.

i didn't understand what she was saying. i staggered out of my room to see the TV for myself. smoke pouring out of the world trade center. i went to brush my teeth and change.

i was putting on my jeans when my mom rushed into my room again. the second tower was hit.

i couldn't just skip school that day. i didn't really want to. that day was a testing day.

that image was very surreal. i was in a daze when i got to school. once or twice i'd hear, "have you heard about the world trade center?" but there was no response.

during testing breaks, i'd go to a classroom and watch the news. everything was about the world trade center. i remember getting sick of the media. everywhere i went, september 11th was this, it was that.

september 11th was an event that rocked the world.

Megan | 14 | California

#714 | Friday, February 1st 2002
The morning of September Eleventh, 2001, was just like any other ride on the school bus. The sky was blue and everything was normal.
I was in my Biology lab class watching a film on Lab Safety procedures when the principal announced over the PA system that our World Trade Center has been hit by planes...
Never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought I would see the day the Twin Towers would vanish, especially under these horrible circumstances...

Koichi | 14 | New York

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