#827 | Wednesday, March 6th 2002
I was sitting in my second period math class when my pricipal came on the loud speaker. He told us that the World Trade Center had been hit by two planes.He told us if we had family,friends, or love ones over there to come down to the office and call to see if they were alright.After my principal got off the loud speaker I just sat there in aw.My father works at Newark Airport and I have other people that mean alot to me that could have been over ther.I also thought of my family and friends.I could not believe what i had just heard.It was like a bad dream.After that in fourth period I went home and then my brother drove me to my mothers to see her at work.I sat there with her watching the news and waiting to hear from people.My whole world was turned upside down.It made me think that I should be proud to be an American and be glad to have my freedom.That night I sat down with my family and thought how blessed and thankful I am to have them.(9-11-01 Never Forget)
Corey | 14 | New Jersey

#822 | Tuesday, March 5th 2002
On september 11th,it was like a regular day .I got up for school,had breakfast took a shower and called up some friends. When I got into school a little after 9:00am, some of my friends were crying and I didnt know what to do or what to say to confort them.At this point I still didnt know what had happened. So about 3 hours passed and thats when I saw my friend Matt ,a friend of miune for almost 6 years,and the look on his face just made me ask around to see what had happened. I decided to ask a teacher and they had explained to me the whole terririst attack.I flipped out I was so sad yet felt a huge amount of anger and disbelief.I didnt know how to react except try to help my friends by sayin everything will be alrite. During lunch in the cafateria, a lot of ppl were cryin so me and my other friends who werent affected by any of this personally ,split up we each went to one of our friends. I Decided to go to one of my close friends, im not goin to say the name but I have known him for a long time, he talked to me about his dad and how he cant wait to, "see his dad walk in threw his bedroom door one night,and be cryin with happy tears,or just to see him with no broken bones,I just want to see my dad alive!", those are the exact words he said to me, I know for a fact because this was the most horrifing thing that has ever happened to me or anyone else.After a couple of minutes talking about how "everything will be alrite" he was called down to the office where his mother,brother,and sister were.They were all in tears ,and once he had seen them he broke down in tears too.He started screamin "why does everything shitty happen to me, my life is as fuked as a fuked up dream", and he ran out of school .He had ran all the way to his house where he had locked himself in his room for a couple of days.But I felt special because I went to his house personally and talked to him and said "everything will be alrite".He came out and as he came out he hugged me,I felt the sadness,yet anger flow threw my body as we hugged.And i think I would say that moment , I think I would do anything to have his father back.ANYTHING.
kelly | 14 | New York

#818 | Monday, March 4th 2002
I was at school, just like I would have been any other day. It didn't seem different at all, but then I walked into Algebra class. Someone had said something about hearing the radio in another class and about the World Trade Center and the Pentagon coming down and I was just like... "What?" I sat there in silence for about an hour, not really understanding the magnitude of what happened. It didn't occur to me that so many lives were lost until I read the news later that day. We listened for the radio for the entire period, hearing the latest updates about everything. We live in nothern New Jersey and some people work in NYC, so every few minutes the class would get interrupted and you'd hear "So-and-So, please go to the office for dismissal" on the loud speaker throughout the day. I remember feeling annoyed at everything, not really sympathetic (although I was later) because it was all anyone would talk about and all of the television channels were blocked off and competely news. I think I regret that now, but everyone's reaction is different.
Fran | 14 | New Jersey

#802 | Saturday, March 2nd 2002
I was home from school with a bad cold my dad was at work and all of my friends at school. I was watching tv when my mum came running into the room
"Quick put CNN on" She said "A plane has hit the twin towers in New York" So i put CNN on and surley enough there was one of the towers with smoke bellowing from around the 100th Floor
we sat there watching and listening to how all of the reporters were saying what a terrible accident it had been... Then all i heard was one of the reporters "Oh my god theres another plane what's that plane doing" then all we saw was the plane dissapear behind the tower and then the biggest explosion i have ever seen. We watched for hours, both towers, victims and speeches we were sat there for 6 hours just watching My mum found out a Few weeks later that one of her colleagues for an internet based group had been killed in the tradgedy

Rob | 14 | United Kingdom

#786 | Saturday, February 23rd 2002
I was walking down the hall from my science class to my english class and the history teacher that was across the hall from my english class was in the hall telling all the teachers to turn their TV's on. When english class started we were watching the TV, and i was thinking "Someone was just flying around and accedentally hit the building," thinking that the plane was the size of a small 2 man plane, and i thought that they would just put out the fire and everything would be alright. Then when i saw the second plane hit i immedetely thought two things. Terrorist and Osama. We watched it for about 10 more minutes, but then my teacher turned the TV off because his son was in the navy and didn't want him to goto war. So we did some work but then the history teacher came bursting through the door and said "Are you watching?! The Pentagons been hit!" So then the teacher turned on the TV and we watched it for the rest of the period. During this time i was thinking about war and thoughts were just swirling through my head. Then at the end of the period, we had homeroom (homeroom is between periods 3 and 4, don't ask me why my schools just runs that way) and we have a private channel that runs throught the school and airs a program called "The Bee Line" and it has all the morning anouncements. So when i went into my homeroom I went up and turned the TV, and a girl was like "Ooooh turn on BET before the Bee Line starts!", but i put on CNN and I said to her "Did you hear the news?" She hadn't so I explained what had happened in New York and Washington. Well, absolutely noone in the school watched the Bee Line that day, and we all had the news on. Then the principle came on the intercom to tell us waht happened and noone listened to her. We were all glued to the TV. Then at the end of homeroom we all went to fourth period. I have that history teacher i mentioned earlier for 4th period. So we watched the news all period and in about the middle of the period the south tower collapsed, and then at the end of the period the north tower collapsed. Someone inbetween all the madness we heard about the plane crashing in PA and i started to wonder how many planes were going to be brought down, and if their goal was to crash every plane in the country. When the bell rang for the end of the period it was errie in the hallway because some people's parents and relatives work in the pentagon and WTC. 5th period i had gym and unfortuatly there was no TV in the gym so we had to get changed and go outside and play soccar. Halfway through the period a custodian comes outside and tells us to all go back inside and change- we were going home early. The school district ordered an early dismissal. I drove home with my sister and we immedeatly drove to my moms school to tell her we had gotten out early, and a teacher told us that her school was getting out too. So we went home and watched the TV and ate our lunch. I wanted to go get on the computer and talk to my friends, but my sister wouldn't let me because she thought if the power plant was destroyed our computer might get hit with a power surge and go poof. So for the rest of the day we sat around watching the TV. My dad even got out of work early. Finnally at about 7 at night i was finnally allowed to get online, and my friends and I had a bit debate on wheather we would have school tommorow, but at about 8 PM we heard that the superintenant said that our disctict will be having school tommorow. And taht was how September 11th played out for me.
Ted Prettyman | 14 | Delaware

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