#1232 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
I was taking a flight lesson in Connecticut. Close to the city. I was in a small plane. From here you can just hardly see the skyline. I had seen several planes on their approach to LaGuardia. I could not see the planes hit the towers, but I think I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was what looked like a small fire somewhere in the skyline. My instructor an I looked at each other, but thought it was just a small fire. About a half hour later the air traffic controllers at my home airport announced something we had never heard. "All aircraft must land immedeately". "There has been a federal emergency declared". I will never forget those words, never.
David Robins | 14 | Connecticut

#1227 | Monday, April 29th 2002
When the tragic event that happened I still asleep , my dad was suppose to go to work cause he flies to Maui everyday and like his flight got canceled because all planes were grounded. So when i woke up i saw my did still here I said why are u still here aren’t u suppose to go to work then he said Look on the TV . i was shocked when this happened i thought that it was here but i was in New York . I felt scared cause later they bombed the Pentagon and i thought they would bomb Pearl Harbor next. Since our school is right by it. As days past the economy of our state started to decline and many people were left unemployed . Slowly our state is gain more better . Economical our country was effected by the down fall of the trade center . I just hope this doesn’t happened again and that we catch Ossama Bin Laden so he could pay back the damage that he has cause us. The only thing we could do now is just to Stand Strong America! “Put a little love in your heart And the world would be a better place!"

Miles Cabacungan | 14 | Hawaii

#1164 | Sunday, April 7th 2002
i rember september 11th very well i was sitting in my 2nd period class and were listening to what was going on, on the radio the entire class was, but none of us really understood what was going on and just continued working on our projects...then came 5th period when our teacher explained what was happening almost every 5 min. a kid was pulled out of class over the intercom...i got very nervous because both my step-mom and my dad work there and all i could do was pray that they were okay. when i got home from school..i recived many phone calls from my friends and family. and now being april 7th i am still praying for the families who lost loved ones... many things that i have read about after september 11th were very sad and one of the things i read was that people were wondering "where was god on september 11th" and i thought about it and God was there!! i mean think about how long he held the towers up so that people could get out. and for those who didnt all my thoughts and prayers are with them and there family and to make sure they no that they are in a good place with god. And i think that america has become STRONGER and more UNITED as it will ever be!!!!!!!!!!!! GoD bLeSs

kate | 14 | Maryland

#1153 | Friday, April 5th 2002
9/11/2001 started out as a normal day for me. I was previously in a wreck, so I was home instead of being in school, and I went online to chat with some friends. My mom called me to come look at where a airplane "accidentally" rammed into one of the Twin Towers. I said that was really sad, and as I went to turn around to return to my room, i heard a woman on the television scream "Oh my god, there's another one" and when I turned I saw it CRASH into the second building. I was mortified, not to mention REALLY confused. Later on the day unfolded, and I found out what really happened. This past summer I went to New York and got to see the Twin Towers, which now I'm extremely glad that I got to, and I'm glad that I got to see them before all this happened, but I'll always be affected by what happened and pray for those who were lost and those who lost some. I will also pray for those who did it, altho there isn't much to pray for...
Faith Beach | 14 | South Carolina

#1121 | Wednesday, March 27th 2002
my grandfather had died september 7th at the age of 81, and me and my dad went down to charleston, SC, to see his funeral which was september the 10th...

well, we decided to stay because it would be too much trouble to go that night. so we stayed, and the next morning my dad woke me up at around 8:00 A.M. and i watched the towers fall, and the replays of the hits, and i wanted to kill the people behind this, but i knew that where they were going, it was going to be much worse than anything i could do to them. i am sorry for those peoples families touched by this, as someone i talked to once said that their cousin or something like that was in the wtc, and they died... :(

Alex Umrysh | 14 | South Carolina

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