#1359 | Friday, May 31st 2002
When I heard about what Happened I was frantic. My friend David had just telephoned me to tell me, after I got of the Phone with him My ,now former, girlfriend came to the door, she was horrified.

After we stood imbraced in each other for about half and hour I rang my friends Adam McGibbon ( He posted on this site too). I watched the tours fall. I had the TV on every Channel I taped Every coverage from when i heard about it. I was distraght. I new that there was a very slim but possible chance that my Dad may have been in New York or on a plane leaving Boston.

After a while I had calmed down but my Mum in America nd My Dad hadn't. Evrything was only begining for them.

I just hope they get the bugger that did this. As my Friedns says OSAMA SUX!

Glenn McKngith | 14 | United Kingdom

#1328 | Monday, May 27th 2002
On september 11th no one had any warning of what a day it would be. I was sitting in my second period class witch was French and our principle had come on the intercom and had said that the world trade buildings had been bombed i don't think anyone really knew what this had meant, or the damage that was really done. she had told everyone to remain calm and if anyone's relatives had worked there that they were to immediately report to the office. it was a shocker. i remember looking out the window of the class and imagining a plane coming towards it. after school i ran to my mothers place and turned on the television to see what had really happened
(( teachers had been told that we were not aloud to watch t.v. ))
about 3 days later i had a girl in my first period class who's father had been trained to identify people by their bones. that's when it really hit me about how big this was. someone had taken away our freedom for no reason at all. it discusts me.

Ashley | 14 | Massachusetts

#1314 | Saturday, May 25th 2002
I'm so upset about what is going in the world right now. I really wish that this would just be over!

Gabriella | 14 | Arizona

#1285 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
Sept 11, 01 is one of the most tragic events I’ve ever been conscious of in my life. My family and I were temporarily living in the UK but we’ve lived in the U.S. and not only were New York one of the many places we loved to visit but we also attended the 2000-01 New Year’s Eve celebrations not 9 months with memories and pictures of the WTC.
I came home from school, my brother being angry with me, and when I got home my parents were very serious and asking me to hurry inside. My parents were sitting at the edge of their seat staring aimlessly at the TV while I just sat down all confused.
I asked what was wrong and then watched as all the news channels displayed horrific scenes of the burning WTC buildings and the Pentagon. I was at a loss for words and kept asking what happened and why they were burning endlessly.
It took me a while to understand what really happened and I, as anyone else, was deeply shocked and saddened especially for the victims and rescue workers. Next day, people were all grabbing newspapers from the shelves and reading about the unfortunate events.
When I got to my classroom, all my English classmates were staring at me since I was the only one who was closely related to Americanism. I couldn’t hold it in and began to cry and my teacher told me to just take a moment outside of the classroom to calm down.
Some people were so inconsiderate and unmoved and made jokes or asked stupid questions in my presence. They really had no idea and even though I luckily had no family relations within that area I still consider that many people who were somehow involved deserved my sympathy and prayers.
Why someone would be so full of hate and are willing to kill innocent people amongst themselves is beyond question but what we now really have to ask ourselves is how we will prevent anything like that from ever happening again.

Jennifer K. | 14 | United Kingdom

#1275 | Tuesday, May 14th 2002
My name is Courtney. I am 14 years old and On September 11th 2001 I was in school... it was the begining of the day and it seemed like any other day untill i realized that many kids were being takin out of school.... at around 10 oclock a announcement came on.. they said that 2 planes had hit the world trade center and they would keep us up dated .. but they didnt as our country was being attacked my school did nothing they would not even tell us what was going on... as i sat in my classroom for the rest of the day i could see that this would change my life forever.... All of my friends had left me by the time lunch had come... only 3 or 4 kids i hangout with were still at lunch, my friend jess was so scared because her dad is a fireman... i knew that i had to stay strong for my friends so i stood in school i didnt no what was happening... when i got home i saw it on the tv i knew that it wasnt an accedent like my school led us to beleive and i know that september 11th will be in my heart for ever... GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!
Courtney | 14 | New York

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