#1507 | Monday, July 29th 2002
I was sitting in my 2nd period Latin class and my teacher was late. We were all just talking and laughing. When the teacher came in she said that 2 planes hit the World Trade Towers. She added the planes were flying out of Boston and to L.A. I turned around and look at my friend who had his eyes closed and was praying. He had told me his dad was flying from Boston to LA that morning. Than I faced front and realized that my brother worked at the World Trade Towers. I felt a deep stomach ache and a burning in my ears. The teacher got pulled out of class and we heard another teacher say the Pentegon was hit. We all got up and turned the radio on. I could not believe it was all true. I just sat down trying to old back my fear, sadness and anger. It was heard to not hold back tears and I tried to hold them back for fear of being made fun of. My friend who was sitting behind was already crying, his Dad might have been on flight 11. I turned around and cried with him. He got a call about 15 mintues later, it was his mom. Thank God his Dad was not on the flight, his was leaving at 11:30am. That left me, i only wondered....

Next period, our headmaster came on the loudspeaker, for we all knew what was going on up the Jersey Turnpike and down Rt. 95, he said that his headmaster told them the bad knews when JFK was shot and killed. I just though Holy Shit, our President is dead!! He announced that the 1 trade tower collapsed and thousands and thousands were trapped. I prayed my brother was not one of them. 2 Minutes later my cell phone rings. I wasn't supposed to have it on, but i did for what was going on. I didn't recognize the number but i still answered. "David?? Are you there. Its Will, I am alright, I am on my way out of the city and i am gonna pick you up. I am fine. I got to work late, my battery is going dead, be there in 2 hours. I....." I heard a loud crash over the phone "Holy shit, another just collapsed. I gotta goet off now. I love you and call mom and tell her i am safe." Later that day i found out why my brother called me on my cell, all the other lines were busy. During this whole event i prayed more than i ever have, talked 2 God more than i ever have and cried more than i ever had. I thank God that my brother is safe, but i still hurt for others who are not. I have tried to remember out of bad things God will make good things.....and he has!!! GOD BLESS USA!!!

David Miller | 14 | Pennsylvania

#1491 | Sunday, July 21st 2002
I was in sitting in my 3rd hour class in West Monroe Junior High in West Monroe, Louisiana with 9 other people trying to firgure out if this was true or not and why someone would do this.
Rebecca | 14 | Louisiana

#1443 | Friday, July 5th 2002
i woke up to the news all over the radio that morning. we talked all about it at school, so we would have a better understanding of what happened. for a few days after it, i had a repeating dream that i was one of the passengers on the plane, and it felt like i could actually feel the pain. but of course, my dream could never amount to the pain that the passengers felt or how their families felt once they knew they had lost a loved one. i'm so fortunate that i haven't lost anyone to this incident, but i still grieve for those that have.
holly | 14 | California

#1406 | Thursday, June 20th 2002
I live in New York about 45 minutes away. I was at school when it happened sitting in class when a teacher with tears in her eyes told us what happened. She told us and no one could believe that some person ran a plane into the twin towers. All we thought was how stupid. No one realized how much our lives would be affected. Later that day I found out one of my teammate's dad worked at Canter Fitzgerald in the Twin Towers. That night we just prayed and begged for someone to find him. The next day they confirmed that he wasn't found. I broke down not knowing how to react. The rest of the week my team and close friends went to prayer services,etc hoping that he would soon be found. About a week after the attacks there was a memorial service and his wife with four kids declared his death. It was the toughest thing to watch. His wife cried and made me promise that I'd take care of her eldest daughter. We watched Nancy fall apart, her oldest son named after him trying to be strong for everyone, her second daughter in shock, and her youngest son of age 6 not understanding that daddy was never coming home. Spetember 11th changed my life forever and I am still affected by it today. We will never forget. God Bless and we miss you George Morell.
Mary Beth | 14 | New York

#1401 | Sunday, June 16th 2002
I was at the most likely place any 14 year old would be. School. It was passing time and I was on my way to science class when I notice the hallways were a little more hectic than usual. A friend stops me and starts to ramble on about the Pentagon and about some Towers. I didn't know what he was talking about so I just set my materials on my seat and looked up at the news that was on the TV in the classroom. I was confused because my teacher almost never turns on the TV if it's not for an educational movie. Within seconds the classroom filled u and we all took our seats. My friend and I exchanged confused looks and listened to the teacher as he spoke. He informed us of the terrorism and the room filled with gasps. We watched the TV for the rest of the period and all throughout the rest of our classes. It was definitely the talk of the day. I remember seeing people walk through the hallways with a sadder look on their face then they had before, and people whispering of the horrific news. Word was around that some of the teens relatives were working on New York at the time and calls were made home to see if there was any update on their safety. One boys father left the next day to help out at the site in Washington, DC. Prayers went out for everyone who were killed or who had relatives who were killed. I'll never forget where I was and the terrible actions done on September 11th, 2001.
Kelsey Smith | 14 | Illinois

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