#1690 | Friday, September 6th 2002
At 7:46 A.M. on September the 11th I was at my locker at my school. I remember my friend telling me that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I thought that it was a small plane that had hit. I went home and called my dad and told him and he told me that he had seen it.I was very thankful that none of my family in Brooklyn was hurt and I'm very sad for the families of those who were lost in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in the plane that crashed in Pennslyvania.
Jonathan Azzara | 14 | Tennessee

#1652 | Tuesday, September 3rd 2002
I was in my Ameircan History Class. The teacher came rushing into the room saying "A plane has hit the World Trade Center!" We turned on the TV and saw the disturbing image. Then as we were watching a second plane hit the other tower, everyone was very scared right now. Cell phones were not allowed in my school but just about everyone had one, I called my dad who works in the Federal Building in Cleveland and told him the news, he could not believe it. I was still on the phone with him when we heard reports that Flight 93 was in our area and I heard someone tell him that they were evacuating his building so he told me he would call me back. We also got evacuated. Thank God the plane did not crash into anything in Cleveland. I am still feeling the pain I felt on that day. I could not fall asleep. I was crying all night long, I was online talking to people, trying to find comfort.It was a very sad day, I hope that I never have to deal with anything like that again. There is still a hole in my heart. I was thinking a couple days ago,before the teacher came in, it was all OK, I didn't know about the attacks and as far as I knew, we were safe, we were America, you didn't mess with us! That all changed though, I love America, and I always will.
Josh Puterbaugh | 14 | Ohio

#1617 | Thursday, August 29th 2002
hi my name is luke im 14 years old and live in mansfield, england, europe. i remember that on 11th september 2001 i got home from school (and no-one was in at this point) turned the television on as normal and the news was on every single channel! there was reports coming through that a plane had crashed into the wtc. there was another plane heading towards washington dc and another towards camp david and another to pensylvania. i was tottaly and utterly gobsmacked flabergasted words just cant describe it i felt sick inside and so sadend by the tragic events and i just wanted to help but i couldnt. just one question on this touching subject WHY?
luke zuerner | 14 | United Kingdom

#1584 | Thursday, August 22nd 2002
I was in Atlanta GA. I was in my math class when on the PA system the principal came on and said that she was sure we had all heard about what had happened and because of that we would not be able to eat lunch out side. well i didn't know what had happened. i heard rumors that someone had set the washington monument on fire and all sorts of things. but it wasn't until i got home and turned on the tv that i really saw what had happened.
Ricky | 14 | Georgia

#1510 | Tuesday, July 30th 2002
I was in school,it was 5th period when i heard about what happened to the world trade center. I looked at the t.v. and i thought to myself who would do such a thing like that? That question and a million other questions ran through my head about 9-11. Including if anyone was going to be okay that were in the Twin Towers.
It was so sad to hear that someone would do that to innocent civilians that had no thought in mind that, that was going to happen. R.I.P 9-11

Cameon Smith | 14 | Washington

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