#1209 | Thursday, April 25th 2002
I was in high school, working with computers. I was helping the Nurse setup her email while she got a few calls from a friend in New York. When I went back to the computer office I told my teacher and my friends what had happened. From there it spread to other teachers and deans in the halls. Soon TV's were setup in the A/V Center, eventually the principal was informed. That is where I was on...
September !! 2oo1

Will Buckingham | 18 | New Jersey

#1195 | Saturday, April 20th 2002
even now i just can belive to what that i saw the other day

i just can!

Oz Hafif | 18 | Israel

#1168 | Monday, April 8th 2002
I woke up for normal day of classes at Pace University. (about 4 blocks from the towers) It was our first tuesday of classes, and was not lookingforward to going. As I was about to leave for my 9:05 class I heard alot of sirens comming towards the school. I looked out my window, which overlooks the Bklyn Bridge on the Manahattan side. Cars were stopping on the Bridge looking up past my building. First thought was my school was on fire, but then figured the alarms would have gone off. I ran to a window in the hall and saw Tower 1 burning. Someone said a plane had hit the building. We thought a small single engine. I was still going to go to class, so went to get my books and screams came from the hall, so I ran back out to find out the 2nd tower had been hit. OMG, this is a terrorist attack, we knew it. But we didnt know what to do. I went to call my parents, got in touch with my mom and assured her I would not go down to the towers or anything. I walked outside to see the view from the street, the sidewalk was packed with hundred of people who had already walked from the towers and surrounding buildings, and just then everyone rushed down the block. I began yelling "WHAT HAPPEND WHAT HAPPEND?" We didn't know that the tower had fallen, someone simply said "The Top of the Building fell off." Many were rushing out of my building, and I headed down the block with everyone else. While walking, I happend to run into my dad (amazing miracle) who had left his post at the NY Stock Exchange. There was no way I wanted to get on a bridge, so we kept walking uptown. However, he was pushing to just get out of the city. I was so sure the next plane was going to take out the bridge. We walked across the Manhattan Bridge with thousands of others fleeing downtown. At almost 10:30, there was a loud sound and I looked over, the 2nd tower was comming down. THat is when I just started balling - everyone was crying. Then I heard the plane I thought comming for the bridge. I was so unbelievable overjoyed to learn it was the AIRFORCE!!! I had never ever noticed them fly over before, "WOW, i can't believe it" I thought. Then I looked over and said "Thank God the Statue of Liberty is still standing" Then it clicked that that could be next too. On the other side of the bridge a continuous line of sirens flew in from Bklyn. The image that caught me most was the firefighters comming in sitting all around the back of a pickup truck. We just kept walking and walking and walking in Brooklyn until we found a phone that worked and didnt have a line. We contacted my grandparents, who came and picked us up. They were crying, we were crying, it was horrible, and didn't even sink in. Only now, 7 months later is it just NOW starting to sink in what happend. Please continue your prayers. I continue to volunteer at a WTC relief center, and we desparately need money and still need supplies. So if possible, please donate anything that you can. Thank you and God Bless America!
Anthony Reinhart | 18 | New York

#1054 | Sunday, March 17th 2002
I was sitting in my Economics class, when my friends and I were laughing at some old economic theory when there's a knock at the door. It was about 9 am in Atlanta, GA. Anyway, my teacher answers the door and it was the teacher across the hall; he told him something quickly in a hushed voice while we continued to joke about that theory which I can't remember. It was kinda dark outside and rather cloudy. My econ teacher turned on the tv, telling us in a calm voice that the towers have been hit. The class watched cnn in silence as we watched the tape on the twin towers, then the live converage of the pentagon.
Kati | 18 | Georgia

#1040 | Friday, March 15th 2002
Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 started out just like any other day. I woke up, ate breakfast and showered. I turned on the radio to KYGO 98.5 while I was getting ready. They were broadcasting live when the first plane hit the South Tower @ the WTC. I thought it was just a plane whose pilet couldn't see and had hit the tower. The next thing I knew, they were broadcasting about the second plane that hit the North Tower at the WTC. That's when they said it was a terriost attack again the United States. I rushed into my mom's bedroom and told her and turned on the t.v. to CNN. We were standing there in shock as the buildings burned with red flames and black smoke. I was scared, but went to school. I was in my first hour English class and one of the counselor's was giving a presentation. My English teacher stopped her and said that a plane had hit the Pentagon and another one had crashed outside of Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. Chaos broke loss. I watched the t.v. that night, feeling helpless, afraid and desperately sad for all of the victims and the families. I would just like to say: GOD BLESS AMERICA; UNITED WE STAND!
Brittany | 18 | Colorado

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