#1366 | Sunday, June 2nd 2002
I was at school when in sunny California. It was already after lunch when I heard about about it. It was like 5th period. It was 1:ooPm California time. I went to class and the teacher told us that the school did not whant us to know what happened to it would not disturb our studies but America is under attack. She turn on the T.V. and I was like Dude shes not jokeing. Then I was thinking about how I might get drafted in a month because I turned 18 in Oct. Dude Im so happy they did not start the draft but I'm gonna go join the army any way and kick some Taliban Ass.
John | 18 | California

#1354 | Thursday, May 30th 2002
It was about 5:30 am when I first heard of what had happened to the first tower. I was still half asleep and I forgot that New York was on a different time zone then L.A. I thought who would do something so stuped at 5:30 in the morning. I went to take a bath and was leaving for school when my mom started screaming that anouther plane had crashed. I said you mean there just happens to be a fire in one building and now a plane hit the other. On the way to school I thought about it and everything begain to make since. Then we heard airplanes because March Air Force Base is near my school but its no longer a base and it does not get used. That day we could hear planes landing and taking off all morning. In between periods I saw the stelf bomber fly over the school going north like to L.A. or something. It was crazy. I ditch school and watched everything on the news with my friends.
Francisco Ramirez | 18 | California

#1338 | Tuesday, May 28th 2002
September 11th turned out to be a normal day for me. I was at school and my teacher was taken attendance, when another teacher came in to say, "Did you guys hear ? One of the World Trade Center buildings got hit." When I first heard him say that, I thought it was nothing more than an accident. After the attendance was taken, I walked over to the room next door, and turned on the T.V. I was watching CNN when the man was talking and a plane came out of the corner of the T.V. and slammed into the Second Building. My mouth dropped in such shock that I could not belive what had happened. as I sat there in shock, unable to move but what had happened, The man came onto the T.V. again saying that the pentagon was on fire and that the cause was unknown. I knew from there on that something was not right. I had the feeling of being scared and anger inside of me and they all came out at the same time. After that I had heard something else had happened with another plane and they were not giving very much information on it. After the shock was over I called in some friends as we watched the worst thing since Pearl Harbor unfold. We sat there and kept watching then all of a sudden I hear the announcer say " Oh My Gosh. Oh My Gosh" as the second tower was collapsing. Again the anger came over me. I watched as the Scene unfolded as the people were running in the streets. Just then the second tower collapsed and all I saw then was smoke. I knew right then that this was going to be bad when everything was all sorted out. I went through school the rest of that day not doing any work. My eyes were fixed on the T.V. all day. When I came home there was a big guess that gas would jump up to high amounts. Normally in my area it is about 1.25 these days but gas had jumped up in some stations to 8.00 dollars or higher. There were lines at the gas stations with low gas prices. During that time I was began to be intrested in the Law Enforcement feild. My friends who were cops said that the traffic at the gas stations were nothing like they had ever seen before. The days after September 11th were weird. I seen the Stock Market close on days when it was suppose to be open. I seen pieces of the World Trade Center begin to be removed as they found victims. I also seen a President who only half the country liked begin to get backing for the nation as he brought the nation together, and now as I Graduate as the Class of 2002, the Class of Septemeber 11th, I realize that when my kids ask me what I did on that day and what it was like, I will always remeber the victims of september 11th and the events of that day.
John L. Class of 2002 | 18 | Missouri

#1300 | Monday, May 20th 2002
I remember walking into highschool thinking.."My best friend got the first parking space! She's lucky!" 2nd period rolled around, I was sitting next to my enemy. I remember a home-ec teacher walking into my classroom looking upset, and while the students were quietly working, she pulled my teacher into an office and they spoke for a few minutes. My teacher came back into the classroom looking sad also, and I knew something had happened. I thought maybe something happened to another teacher, or a student or something like that. That idea of mine was later backed up when the principal came on the loudspeaker to the whole school and told us that when the bell was to ring in 3 minutes, to stay in our classrooms, not to go to 3rd period. That's when I KNEW something was wrong. Someone must have gotten hurt or something. About 10 minutes later the principal came back on the loudspeaker, and I will forever remember the words she said to all 1000 students..."I have just been informed by the school district publicist that also works for the newspaper, that two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center." just typing that gives me the chills and brings tears to my eyes. Especially living only 15 minutes away from New York City, I immediately thought of every students families. Then I thought of my own. My dad frequently went into NYC for business. I called my mom, she said he was okay, but that the Pentagon had also been attacked. People were being picked up at school by parents and other family members, just if they wanted to go home. In English class my teacher took us to the upper library along with 30 other teachers. There were hundreds of us in there, not moving our heads from the small tv. I waited until 11:30, and decided that I couldn't be in school anymore. I just needed to be home with my mom and actually watch tv. I didn't go to school the next day, and I still can't believe that something like this could have ever happened. I was only 17 years old, and I doubt I can ever feel a pain and sadness like that in my entire life again. Every single person I know had lost someone they know in the World Trade Center, it's still too much to take in.
Paige | 18 | New Jersey

#1251 | Saturday, May 4th 2002
I was in my first period class when my English teacher came into the room and announced that two planes had struck the World Trade Center. I immediately thought of the last time a plane struck a skyscraper, back in the 30’s. A small aircraft plowed into the Empire State Building, killing six or seven people. It was so minor of an accident, they didn’t even evacuate the building, and people kept on working as if nothing was the matter. Maybe the Twin Towers would be okay too, I thought to myself. Maybe it was just a small accident. But when somebody turned on the TV and I saw smoke pouring out of those two gaping holes, I knew this was no small accident. For the rest of the day I sat in front of the television like everybody else. I don’t think there is another day in my life where I can not only remember exactly what I was doing at every hour, but what I was feeling.
Emory | 18 | Florida

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