#10 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
I was engaged in a sexual act and i couldnt go on once i heard of the carnage.
jimmy | 18 | Australia

#6 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
I was sitting online, in pyjamas, which is most unusual for me, but nevertheless, that's what I was doing. At about 10:30pm, someone online said "Oh hey, a plane crashed into the World Trade Center". I didn't think much of it at that point - planes go bad. Then the same person said "Um, another one has crashed into the other tower." and then "OMG, the Pentagon is on FIRE!" Because I'm a wimp, I started to freak out. Shortly after 11, every free-to-air channel began streaming CNN live. I called everyone I knew, screamed, called my Dad, called everyone I knew (again), and watched the coverage till 4:30am. heh, then I got up at 6:30 and watched it again. I didn't sleep; Australia was in just as much shock as the rest of the world. The morning of the 12th (AEST), people spoke of nothing else. It was surreal. For the first time in many, many years, the local paper published 3 editions in one day. We planned whose cellar we would borrow in the case of an air strike (Richard's, because it's full of beer), and what we'd say to our brothers when they went to fight. And that's all, really.
Anna | 18 | Australia

#3 | Saturday, September 15th 2001
I'm a freshman at BGSU, and as a freshman, I've been doing my good share of staying up until four in the morning, and sleeping through most of the day. I was awaken around one o'clock by a knock on my door- it was my friend Steve, who came to tell me that the Tool concert we were supposed to go to that weekend was sold out. Then he asked me what I'd thought of the stuff that had been going on today. I remeber thinking, what stuff? Things like fights on campus or someone had spent the night whith so-and-so or the girl's bathroom had flooded, you know, the usual gossip and college happenings, came to mind. When I told him that I didn't know what he was talking about, he began listing the different plane crashes, and, by the way he was talking, it took me a second to realize the connection. I think at that point, I said something along the lines of,
Sheena | 18 | Ohio

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