#2441 | Thursday, September 12th 2002
I was in homeroom with all of my friends and we were shocked to pieces when we saw. We watched the second plane hit on live TV. We will never forget.
Seshia | 15 | Massachusetts

#2412 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
The first time I heard about 9/11/01 was at school, but see I had slept in that morning so I came to school late, by the time I got to school we were going to third period. As I was going to class not even knowing about everything that was going on, I passed my friend Amy, and she was trying to tell me about it but I didn’t get it, as I went to my class. Our substitute Mr. Sigler had the news on, but still I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t think anything like that could happen to us today! After school everyone in my family came straight home, my sister and me first then my dad then my step-mom. All of us just watched in shook. That’s when everything registered. The only thing that was going threw my mind was, War? To me war never really meant anything to me till this happened.
I feel so bad for everyone who was hurt physically and psychologically. The people at ground Zero and every one else who helped are heroes and all the people who helped in the Pentagon. But personally my heroes are the people who took over the last plane and didn’t let it hit it’s planned spot.
I will always remember this, but I don’t think that it should have taken 9/11 to bring this country together. I can still see a mental image of the planes hitting the Twin Tower in my head. I don’t like to think about it and I can’t watch the tributes to it. It’s just to hard.

Jaclyn | 15 | California

#2409 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On that fateful on 9-11-01 I woke up and found my mom glued to the TV watching the first of the two trade towers after it was attacked. Neither of us knew what had happened. I thought that a tremendous accident had occurred. But later, while my mom was busy elsewhere I was still watching the TV and saw the second plane hit, live. At that moment I felt an extreme sense of insignificance and was worried about the people in the towers. Later, when I found out that the towers collapsed my teacher and I both broke down and cried. These terrible events have left me emotionally damaged and have made me much more patriotic. And now with the one-year anniversary upon us all the memories have come flooding back.

So, today I ask you to take time to reflect upon what has happened and just give a moment of silence for the many lives lost. Also, please spend time with your family and talk things over with each other. I ask that we never forget 9-11-01 and that it lives in our hearts forever.

Peace, Adrien

Adrien | 15 | New Mexico

#2405 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
... on september 11 2001 6:00A.M in the morning i was getting ready to go to school. my boyfriend calls me and tells me to turn on the tv and so i did. as i saw the planes hit the twins towers...my heart shatterd...people were running crying screaming out their love ones name...it looked like a movie.but this was realality. i felt so sad and felt like crying ... my heart just dropped and i thgouht it was the end of the world... everything in my head went blank. i couldnt speak or even blink.that whole day i prayed to God ..asking GOD to please help other people find their family and frens and love one. i was so scared ..that maybee it could happend here...here in hawaii... but no..i dont thing so because i think that God will protect us. and also those who lost their frens family and love ones...Dont worry... God is with you always... And one day when you go to heaven .. you will see your love ones again...

Sunshine | 15 | Hawaii

#2402 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
On september 11, 2001 i felt very sad yet happy because it was my birthday! i felt very bad for all the people who died! i pray that the familys who lost their lives on september 11, 2001.
Lyndsai | 15 | Hawaii

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