#1220 | Sunday, April 28th 2002
Hi I remember getting up and getting ready for school. I turned on the T.V.
and that is all they had on every channel you turned too. I remember waking my Mom up and telling her to turn on the T.V. in her room to see what was going on and what had happened to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. Then I remembered that my Uncle Thomas was stationed up in Washington D.C.. So then I began to get a little worried if he was somehow anywhere near the Pentagon when it happened. I went to school that day, it was sort of weird like there was this cloud hanging over everywhere. The sky was really blue an there wasn't an airplane of any kind at all anywhere flying that was a really weird feeling because my high school looks out on Pearl Harbor and it was really quiet like nothing was going on. Like everyone was in one big state of suspended animation. Like just total shock that it didn't really happen and this was just one big shared nightmare and we were all going to wake up from it soon. The only problem was that when it finally sank in we were already awake and it all did really happen. I remember hearing later that my Aunty Gina had been up since 4 A.M. trying to find out if my uncle was okay or not. We were all very thankful when we found out that he was okay. I'm also very proud of my uncle because he had a really hard job to do afterward when it came time to search for any survivors in the Pentagon and removing all of the deceased. I don't think I could have done that.

Cheri J. N. Cordero | 15 | Hawaii

#1219 | Saturday, April 27th 2002
The day that struck everyone's life, was the day that i woke up to a phnoe call at about 4:35am which was on September 11, 2001. My grandma said, "We're being attacked! Tell your parents to turn on to the news." So we hung up and i went to my parent's room. but i turned on the tv to channel 03 before waking them up. After hearing the tragedy, i couldn't sleep anymore. i was thinking and praying for all the lives that were lost and those that were affected. i went to school like normal telling myself that it didn't happen. Then as i sat down in my seat during period 01, all i could hear was my teacher and my classmates asking and talking about what they know. so i thought to myself, "no, all those people...what'll happen next?" and i realized that our nation really is being attacked.

Michelle Anne Piniol | 15 | Hawaii

#1218 | Saturday, April 27th 2002
I first head about what happened on 9/11 very early in the morning. I was with my auntie that morning when my uncle called from California and told us the what happened. My auntie and I were so suprised, then we turned on the television and we were watching the news and we saw the Trade Center in flames. That day I was going to school and the whole school day our teachers were discussing about 9/11. I think that was the day I was really thinking what it means to be a American.


Andrew Angeles | 15 | Hawaii

#1217 | Saturday, April 27th 2002
I was suprised that day. When I woke I went to living room like I always do when I wake up. My uncle was watching tv & there was a building burning. That day I thought he was just watching a regular movie. I was gasping & laughing when the airplane hit the building. Then right after my uncle said that it was real, Iwas in shock. How could that happen to our country?
That day when I got to school we was watching that on the tv in all my classes.


Roderick Batoon | 15 | Hawaii

#1216 | Saturday, April 27th 2002
Well on the day of september 11, it was just another day of school, I got up and got ready as always. My uncle was droping us off, he said was saying some nonsence that theres no school today, so, me and my cuzins thought he was just jokeing so we just went on and he was dropping us off. While he was droping us off we always listen to the radio on the way, so on the radio they were talking about it. I thought it was some joke again so i just didn't take it seriously, until we reached school and people were talking about it, and then after in class, the teachers were talking about it, so well now, it wasen't a joke. In class we watched the news on whats going on and what people are doing. Well thats about it, thats how I found out.
Lyle Perez | 15 | Hawaii

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