#1235 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
where was i during all this i was at home sleeping i think it was like 6 o clock or something but anyways i over heard my brother saying "what the" and i said whaaa what happend and i looked at the tv and saw that the twin towers were on fire and the replays of the airplane running into the buildings.......
Dexter Tabilisma | 15 | Hawaii

#1234 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
I found out about what happened to 9/11 when i got up in the morning and I saw my mom watching tv. That's weird because it's too early. So, I went to the bathroom wash my face then I went straight to the kitchen and eat my breakfast. Then suddenly I heard my mom she was yelling and calling my name so I was so scared and I start running then I asked her what happened then she said that two airplane crashed into the twin tower and even to the pentagon. So, I decided to go inside my room and turn on my tv because I know that their going to show what actually happened that early morning. I was shocked when I saw what happened because a lot of people was inside working. I feel sad for all the people who lost their love one's. Let's pray for them......
Venus M. Vinarao | 17 | Hawaii

#1228 | Monday, April 29th 2002
I got up at about 6:30 to a blasting sound of terror. I ran to my parents’ room just in time to see the first tower fall. I saw people crying, screaming and running to get out of the way of the massive building. That wasn’t the end… I had also found out that two other places were hit. Those places were that Pentagon and Camp David. I thought to myself man who would do such a thing to this wonderful country.

During the next few days of school every teacher and student was talking about the tragic events of 9/11. Every television turned to a station that had updates and stories. Our school even had a moment of silence where the whole school gathered around the flagpole.

When I found out that we were going to war I prayed every night that my cousins and other relatives the best. A lot of my family members are in the Armed Forces and I’ll admit I was really scared for them.

I would just like to say Thank-you to all of those to is out there fighting for our wonderful country.


Nicole G. | 15 | Hawaii

#1227 | Monday, April 29th 2002
When the tragic event that happened I still asleep , my dad was suppose to go to work cause he flies to Maui everyday and like his flight got canceled because all planes were grounded. So when i woke up i saw my did still here I said why are u still here aren’t u suppose to go to work then he said Look on the TV . i was shocked when this happened i thought that it was here but i was in New York . I felt scared cause later they bombed the Pentagon and i thought they would bomb Pearl Harbor next. Since our school is right by it. As days past the economy of our state started to decline and many people were left unemployed . Slowly our state is gain more better . Economical our country was effected by the down fall of the trade center . I just hope this doesn’t happened again and that we catch Ossama Bin Laden so he could pay back the damage that he has cause us. The only thing we could do now is just to Stand Strong America! “Put a little love in your heart And the world would be a better place!"

Miles Cabacungan | 14 | Hawaii

#1226 | Monday, April 29th 2002
Where was I? First of all I did not know about the attack when I saw it in the morning news when my dad turn on the t.v. And I felt sorry for those who died in the biulding and also I felt sorry for the families who lost their love ones. But I'll pray for those who are sad or unhappy of what happen. I want to thank the fire fighter for helping...and for those who donated money.


Thank you

Josie Faamau | 17 | Hawaii

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