#1215 | Saturday, April 27th 2002
Hi well it was september 11 and it was an odd day for my school. i didnt really notice what happened until i turned on my radio as a regular routine when i heard something that i never heard before. People were crying saying that they saw something fall and at first i thought it was a commercial but then they told the world to turn on the T.V. right when i turned it on i was so shocked... seeing a big building burning in flames. Honestly i didnt even know what the world trade centers were until i saw it on tv and then i was so heart broken seeing a building going down just like that. When i reached school thats all me and my friends along with teachers could talk about. That was our subject throughout the whole day and everyone was so devestated by the actions of some dumb terrorist. All i know is that i am happy that me and my family became more tight and closer and the fact that the families of others lost their mom, dad,sister, brother, daughter, son, or just friend...I give my love to you guys
John Bayudan | 16 | Hawaii

#1210 | Friday, April 26th 2002
I was suddenly awaken by the sound of my phone ringing from my uncle in L.A. telling my mom that we're going to war. I jumped out of bed to the sound of the television on the highest level. As I walked into their room I glanced at the TV screen to see the second plane crash into the second building of the WTC.

As I walk through the hallways at my school, the TV's in the classroom was all tuned in to the news that repeatedly shown the planes crashing. It made me think about all the people who lost their innocent lives and their families that they left behind. It's sad that it took the events that happen in Sept. 11, for us Americans to come together as one. But it's GREAT to see us Americans come together as one...

"Unite we stand...Divided we fall"

Abigail Corpuz | 15 | Hawaii

#1205 | Wednesday, April 24th 2002
It was 8:00 AM and I just woke up. I live in Hawaii so there was a 6-hour time difference so it was around 2:00 PM EST. I turned on the television and every station had coverage of the WTC attacks. When I saw the first tower go down I was speechless. It was the most horrible thing I’ve seen. Then the second one came down. I watched the coverage for about 2 hours then I finally had to get ready for class. I had a test that day but it was hard to focus on anything but the WTC attacks. When I got to the school library, the big screen television there also had coverage of the WTC attacks. Everyone was standing around to see what happened. I heard that President Bush was going to give a speech about what happened but I had class at that time. I rushed to finish the test and hurried back to the library. I got to see a replay of the speech. The only thing I remember him saying was God Bless America. At that moment I never felt prouder to be an American.
Jonathan Lai | 21 | Hawaii

#1039 | Friday, March 15th 2002
I was at home when I heard the news about 9/11.My grandpa turned the TV on and there it was on every channel.The World Center in flames and the Pentagon was preetee f***ed up too! It didn't really sink in at first,just to shocked by the whole thing I guess.When I got to school it started to sink in,everybody was talking about it.Some of my friends were freaking out thinking about what if it happens here?!! Some people joked but I found nothing funny about it,I thought it was sad that many of these lives were lost.To think they were just doing their normal routine of work and never even saw it coming. If they find Osama and his groupies I hope they make him suffer and I got some good ideas just how to make that bastard suffer...GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Taye girl | 16 | Hawaii

#1027 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
Thursday, March 14, 2002
I received a phone call from my daughter at 3:45am Hawaii Time. She is a flight attendant with American Airlines. She was very upset and told me to quick turn on the television, that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center Buildings. Needless to say, as the events started to unfold I was thrown into a state of shock!!. My daughter kept calling and we would talk and cry and try to comfort each other. I will never ever forget the pain and sadness we both felt as we watched first hand the tragic events of Sept. 11. I was thankful my daughter was home at the time and not flying somewhere in the US. I was thankful my son was safe outside of the US. I mourned the lost lives and the families who had to watch as their loved ones perished in such an insane attack.
Everyone’s lives have changed forever, and life will never be the same as before Sept. 11.
It has brought this nation closer and seemingly more patriotic. It has opened our eyes to how thankful we all should be to live in this “Land of the Free” We truly live in the most glorious nation on earth. Hopefully, we will never again witness such an attack on our great nation.
God Bless America and God Bless the people who have lost their lives in vain and those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom, and all of the families!!

Cynthia Holtz | 54 | Hawaii

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