#1573 | Monday, August 19th 2002
on september 11th,2001,i found out what had happened right when i entered my 3rd hour.my teacher,Mrs.Magee,was watching the tv and crying.i had no idea what the twin towers were.so i wasn't that sad.but i was shocked because i knew it was something big.ever since then the whole school has been talking about it.it really got our attention.
Kelley | 13 | Kansas

#1539 | Tuesday, August 13th 2002
Where was I on 9/11? I was in school. Things started to get A little wierd when the teachers were not talking much and seemed upset at something. We didn't think much of it at the time , but at about 11:45 we were told that we were leaving early because of a national emergency but no one would say why. I still do not understand why they didn't tell us anything ; just because we are 13 dose not mean we don't need to what is going on. We eventually found out found ouy from a girl who talked to her mom on the phone. When we got on the bus to go home no one talked and we all just listened to the radio. I think speechless is the only word I can use to describe just how I felt at that time. When I got home my dad had told me some rather upseting news that my aunt , uncle , and cousin were on a flight that same day and had not heard from them. ( It turned out that they were fine and in Florida) We had the T.V on for like 5 days straight after that. We just did not know what to expect because we were right between New York and D.C (Delaware). Things were eerie for a while but slowly have gotten back to normal just like the rest of America.
Lindsay Ludden | 13 | Delaware

#1513 | Thursday, August 1st 2002
It was the end of school, i had P.E for the last lesson. I, and probably the whole school was in the dark of the event because we only use our telivisons for school vidoes and things like that. I live fearly close to my school. So i was one of few kids to see it first. But, the damage had already been done. I was really confused...(since living in England i wasn't that familiar with the Twin Towers) what has happened? why has it happened? more importantly "how many people got hurt or worse...have died." when i saw all the footage...them just..falling..it made me gasp and my stomach churn. I quickly called my friend, trying to presude her to watch the analogue channels. "Don't you care!, i shouted down the reciver. you've really got to see this ! something really bad has happened! people are hurt!" i swore at her and slammed the reciver down at her saying she was wathing a music channel.Hour after hour i carried on, watching not wanting to move away. To me now, i feel guilty that at the same night i felt safe and secure in my bed while people where suffering..i don't know why..but what iv'e found out is when the towers collasped, only one thing beneath the rubble remianed standing...and that was the spirit of Americia... and all it's virtues...courage..love..and reliability ..and acceptence..God bless America for the future..
Kathryn Bacon | 13 | United Kingdom

#1320 | Sunday, May 26th 2002
On 9/11, I was at school and had just come in from recess. We were waiting for my teacher to come and begin class, when she came in looking very sad. She told us what happened and since at the time we didn't know very much she said that America was under attack and thousands maybe even hundreds of thousand of people might be dead. At lunch I raced home and turned on the news and me and my dad watched in horror the replaying of the building falling. I don't understand how those terrorist could be so cruel. They had no right to turn the lives of everyone one in America upside down and to bring fear to innocent young children. 24 Canadians were killed on Sept. 11th, and 4 in the war in Afgainstan. I sincerly hope that no one else must die, in pointless attacks and wars.
Jennifer | 13 | Canada

#1318 | Sunday, May 26th 2002
I was 12 years old and I was up watching a movie when all of a sudden the show got interrupted by this news break that showed the two twin towers with smoke and flying debris all over the place. This was the first time I had ever seen something so bad. My heart goes out to those involved...
Jasmine | 13 | Australia

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