#1722 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
I first heard about it at school.I got to school and everyone was talking about it. At first I thought it wa a rumor, since rumors are always going around at school. But when my mom picked me up early right before lunch, I knew it was real. Then we went home and watched CNN. I felt so helpless. STAND TALL AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!
JP | 13 | Texas

#1715 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
I remember when we used to drive through new york and see the empire state building, GW bridge, and the twin towers. I remember the trip to the bronx zoo and to the statue of liberty. IDK much about new york, but i remember seeing all these things.

Where Was I when it happened? I was in school... 7th grade...i was 12 then it happened while I was in math class, but nobody told me until another peer came up to me before lunch and told me planes flew into the WTC. At that point I didn't know the twin towers we're the WTC. (i was ignorant... sorry) and then I didn't find out that they had collapsed until music. For the first month all I was interested in was seeing the planes hit the towers. But now that I've had a year to think about it (i'm in 8th grade now, 13) I feel that humans are indeed petty, fighting to prove who's wrong... who's the best... put fear into peoples hearts for no reason except the joy it causes when you do so, all this hatred. Lately I've been comparing the lives of humans to other species, and noticed that humans are the only ones that murder for the pleasure of killing, or because they just don't like someone.

Who cares who's more powerful.
Why is money so important. If it wasn't then I assure you crime wouldn't be as bad today.
Why do people care what difference in religion means. So people believe something different. How do we know who's right? What if we're all right in one way or another.

and why do innocent people have to be killed to prove a point. if they wanted a war why did they have to be COWARDS and attack the innocent bystanders who on september 11th thought they we're going through the normal routine.

What kind of world do we live in. I think the world is a pretty pathetic place to live in right now.

I know it took a year for me to think all these thoughts, but it needed time to sink in.

Lindsay Kemmlein | 13 | Pennsylvania

#1714 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
Well I was geting up for school. It seemed like a nice day, but when i got to school no one was playing on the school yard. I walked into my techer's room and notest that the tv was on. I looked and saw the north tower of the world trade centes fall. I stoud in the same spot for like 30 secent's. I asked my techer what had happend. she siad tow plane has hit the world trade senters. I couldent bilive it. I was going to go there in the summer becuse i wanted to see those towers.Rilly bad. i just couldent belive all of this stuff. Later I fownd stuff to make a flag. All of the people that die on 9/11/01 will be in my heart for ever.
Juan Segura | 13 | California

#1600 | Monday, August 26th 2002
When I first heard what was happening on September 11th, I was still sleeping when my mom came in and said;
"Get up and come look at what happened on T.v."
" What?" I had grumbled.
"A plane crashed into the World Trade center, in New York."
I had jumped out of bed and ran into my mom's room, and watched the t.v for a while. I saw the second plane crash into the second building, and then collapse.
When I got to school, my class watched the news the whole day pretty much. And that's where and what I was doing that morning.

Samantha | 13 | California

#1599 | Monday, August 26th 2002
When it happened I was in History class.I didn't know until I was in the cafitearia chatting with my friends and suddenly our band teacher came in and said band was canceled. Someone asked why and he said, "Do you really want to know?"
Ricky Cross | 13 | Vermont

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