#1284 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
I was in school...matterafactly I was sitting in a cafeteria chair waiting for the 8:10 bell to ring..when my friend came to me. She was angry because she couldnt go home. She said and I quote, " You know we should be at home...the world trade center just got hit!" I didnt know what she was talking about at first...then the news flashed on the screen and about that time...I realized that wasnt an accident. I was quiet that whole time...then the second plane hit and tears fell from my eyes. Ive never cried in school...I was terrified to think that us...United States of America could just be attacked like that. My friends started laughing and joking about it. I screamed and ran away. Why is it that when everyhthing seems like its going good something so tragic happens? Why does it always rain on the parade? God..Why did this happen...When i think about all those people laying forever more in the ruble...But i do think no matter how horrible this is...it could have been worse. Something some where was waking us up. We arent invinsible and we will never be. We need to remember that.
Carol Ellis | 13 | Texas

#1203 | Tuesday, April 23rd 2002
I'm only 13, but the Sept. 11th Attacks have affected me greatly. I can, and always will, remember where I was when I first heard about the attacks. I was in English class, and I was in the first row, seat closest to the loudspeaker. I can never write down the terror and anger that I felt when I heard that message. I was very afraid for my father's life, because he works up in D.C., just one block from Capital Hill. Therefore, I almost fell over crying that me Dad might die. Though, who am I to say that I was afraid, when people were being killed by those bloody Muslims. After the attacks, our school had a prayer service begging God to help us. I was chosen as one of the readers, and I had an almost impossible time reading all of my part. Though, I still did it. These evil men were bad, but they brought the country together as one. In conclusion, I will NEVER forget where I was the day of Sept. 11th. "So my follow Americans I say to you, let's roll". (George W. Bush, and the brave men on the flight 93.)
William McKenna | 13 | Virginia

#1186 | Tuesday, April 16th 2002
I remember sitting in my technology class when my teacher said two planes flew into the world trade centers.At first i thought it was a joke.When I was at home my mom was so devestated.SO was I.I told my sister and she started crying rite then and there.It really sucked for my friend because his birthday was on september 11th.Wat a great gift.
Miek Aures | 13 | New York

#1137 | Sunday, March 31st 2002
i was at school just about to leave my 1st period class
Tom Charney | 13 | Virginia

#1066 | Tuesday, March 19th 2002
I heard about the attack when I was in scouts, and when I got back home I kept watching the re-runs of the planes flying right to the world trade center. It looked like a movie, I still don't beleive it, it's just too big, to much for me to accept.
Since I live in Israel, when terror attacks and suicide bombers kill people every day, I'm kind of used to it (that's not a good thing to say/hear, especily from a 13-year-old girl...).
As I already said, it all looks like a movie, it's too hard to accept, for me anyway.

Anna | 13 | Israel

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