#1290 | Friday, May 17th 2002
I was watching the morning news shows during "Buffy" commercials. At first I thought the AON building in Chicago was on fire. Then I realized it was in NYC and yelled for the husband. Thinking it was a fluke, we continued to get ready for work. I'll never forget hearing Charlie Gibson yell "OH MY GOD" when the second plane hit. We went off to work in a daze. Since my husband works in a landmark building, they closed it and he picked me up so we can spend the rest of the day in front of the tv. As in shock as we were, we knew that we'd have to go on with life. So we did laundry...as normal a thing as we thought we could do. Eight months later I can still remember almost every moment of the day.
Roni | 27 | Illinois

#1287 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
I was in a clinical for nursing school when I watched this happen. I can remember the eerie silence that fell upon the entire hospital. I can remember knowing if they hit downtown Chicago the hospital I was at would be one of the closest trauma centers. I could remember wanting to somehow help. I can remember having a conversation with someone several months before, saying "Nothing will ever happen to America!" I can remember emptying out my wallet of everything to help fill the boots of a fireman out collecting donations. I was foolish to think we are immune to the evil of others. It is now eight months later. I still cry every so often about the victims. I never knew any of them, but I am an EMT. EMS is a very tight knit community. Although I never met any of the FDNY fireman, I still feel like I lost 300 brothers and sisters that day.
I watched as everyone put American flags on their cars. I felt patriotism for the first time in my life. I watch now as the flags are decreasing in number. Where is this patriotism going? Are we forgetting about the thousands that have died? I continue to keep the flag on my dashboard and in the window of my home. I will never forget!

Erin | 25 | Illinois

#1277 | Tuesday, May 14th 2002
I vividly remember that day. I had just gotten back from my vacation to Florida and was sleeping in since I was only in my second day of work and had to be there at 2. I had just cancelled my cable subscription and the phone kept ringing...so I answered it after the third call... My mother was telling me that a plane hit the WTC in New York. I was like what? What are you talking about? I remember throwing on my clothes and racing to the nearest TV to see the second plane hit. It was surreal. I worked in the media at the time and I went into work early and manned one of our radio stations to update info...but wished I could be with family and friends glued to the TV. I also remember frantically calling my friend Chris who was on a project in NY and hoping he was ok. I also thought about when I was a travel agent for a financial company and how many conversations I had about meetings at the WTC....and praying that none of them were in there. I just hope that no matter how much time passes that those that didn't lose loved ones in that horrific event remember how valuable their loved ones are and that they make sure to take a few extra seconds to tell someone that they love them. I recently saw a documentary on HBO entitled "Telling Nicholas" and it brought it all back. I couldn't sleep after I saw it. Please especially keep the children that lost their parents in that horrible terrorist attack in your hearts and minds.
Kathey | 27 | Illinois

#1250 | Saturday, May 4th 2002
I was sleeping in bed and the radio was on and the radio and my dream fused, so I was dreaming about a plane hitting one of the towers... When I woke up I realized that they were talking about it on the radio but still half asleep I thought it could be some wacky morning DJ joke so I flipped the TV on right as the second plane hit... along with millions of other people at that split second I knew the world had changed.

Then like many other people I spent the rest of the day in disbelief watching the TV as the news stations scrambled to make catchy slogans and graphics

Jason | 20 | Illinois

#1081 | Wednesday, March 20th 2002
I was on my way to therapy for anxiety. As each piece of news came in, the therapists kept telling us to focus on other problems, the problems that we were there to deal with. Which was odd. That whole day was a "little odd." It did take my mind of my own problems and those problems haven't bothered me much since.

Jeremy | 26 | Illinois

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