#1446 | Saturday, July 6th 2002

I was in my 2nd period Film study class when I learned of the attack. My teacher had the TV on, and at that time, only one tower had been hit. Nobody knew what was going on, we didnít know if it was a small private plane, or a jetliner, and no one suspected terrorism. He turned off the TV after a minute, and we resumed class, assuming that nothing too major had happened. 3rd Period came around, and we were getting ready to leave school to play ice hockey for gym. While waiting our teacher came to us and said to go to the cafeteria, where half the school already was. MSNBC was on, and I saw smoke coming from the second tower. After a minute, they replayed the footage of the 2nd plane hitting tower 2. There was a strange hush among my fellow students when the plane appeared, and utter shock when the plane plunged into the tower. Quite a few screamed "O my God," we could not believe what we had witnessed. I could already feel tears in my eyes, but I held back. Others around me could not. We watched reports for the rest of the period, but after that it was back to class. I did not learn of the Towers collapse till I got home. I could not hold back anymore, and I cried very hard. Ill never forget that day as long as I live, and when I think about it, I still feel like crying.

Dan Stefanowicz | 17 | Illinois

#1412 | Saturday, June 22nd 2002
I was at work, listening to the radio. I am a big channel-flipper and flipped past Q-101, where Mancow's Morning Madhouse was being broadcast and I heard Mancow shouting "OH MY GOD!" at the top of his lungs and something about the World Trade Center. Normally, I don't think much about what Mancow says, but this sounded important, so I figured I'd check the Web and find out soon enough. I logged on to CNN's Website and there was a tiny picture of the tower with a hole in it and a short news blurb. I ran to the Supervisor's office next door and shouted to him to check the website, then I ran into the breakroom and shouted the news to everyone in there and then went back to my desk and called HR and shouted the news out to them as well. Eventually, one of the Supervisors popped into the breakroom next door and got the TV working and we saw the footage of the second plane as it happened. I think we all sat glued to the screen for more than an hour and thanked our lucky stars we didn't work downtown.
Anon Y. Mous | 26 | Illinois

#1401 | Sunday, June 16th 2002
I was at the most likely place any 14 year old would be. School. It was passing time and I was on my way to science class when I notice the hallways were a little more hectic than usual. A friend stops me and starts to ramble on about the Pentagon and about some Towers. I didn't know what he was talking about so I just set my materials on my seat and looked up at the news that was on the TV in the classroom. I was confused because my teacher almost never turns on the TV if it's not for an educational movie. Within seconds the classroom filled u and we all took our seats. My friend and I exchanged confused looks and listened to the teacher as he spoke. He informed us of the terrorism and the room filled with gasps. We watched the TV for the rest of the period and all throughout the rest of our classes. It was definitely the talk of the day. I remember seeing people walk through the hallways with a sadder look on their face then they had before, and people whispering of the horrific news. Word was around that some of the teens relatives were working on New York at the time and calls were made home to see if there was any update on their safety. One boys father left the next day to help out at the site in Washington, DC. Prayers went out for everyone who were killed or who had relatives who were killed. I'll never forget where I was and the terrible actions done on September 11th, 2001.
Kelsey Smith | 14 | Illinois

#1400 | Sunday, June 16th 2002
I was working in downtown chicago when these events happened and just walked into my office when a coworker was hysterical and telling me we were under attack, and we kept listening to the news and seen what was happeneing on tv and then our building got evacuated because we didnt know if we were gonna be next because from the news eveywhere was getting hit, they had extra trains running out of the city because it was chaos and they were trying to get everyone out of downtown, I have never seen downtown chicago that crazy until that day, it will forever stick in my mind, I soon lost my job after that due to being in the travel industry and am now working for half the pay I was making, I am now trying to join the military to help fight for my country
Robert | 27 | Illinois

#1361 | Saturday, June 1st 2002
On that morning, I woke up, signed on AOL, and walked away from the computer. I was brushing my daughter's hair, getting her ready for school pictures. While she was finishing up in the bathroom, I glanced at my computer monitor. My friend John sent me a message. "TURN YOUR TV ON!" I did. Both planes had already crashed the towers.

I ran to wake up my husband after the first reports of the Pentagon being hit.

My heart broke into a million pieces when the first tower fell. I was not expecting that. I was standing up at the time, and fell to my knees. I was crying hystercialy, and my husband had to calm me down. My life hasn't be the same since that day.

Kimberly Salvinski Garcia | 29 | Illinois

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