#1060 | Monday, March 18th 2002
I was running late, and caught NBC's morning show as I was walking out the door to the L (I live in Chicago). NBC had just cut to the dent in the first tower and were making up commentary because no one knew what was going on.

I got to work about 40 minutes later and the office had a TV set up. They re-played the footage of the second plane over and over. Then they announced that the Pentagon had been attacked and that there was another flight in the air.

I immediately tried to get ahold of my sister on my cell phone (she lives in DC), but couldn't get through. A bit later the first tower fell and then the second tower fell, and I walked to the men's room and cried in privacy.

Three hours later I reached my sister (who'd been running late, called in, and was told to stay home).

That was the worst incident to occur to our country during my lifetime. It was followed by a beautiful period of patriotism and moral renew. We must never forget what happened that day, because 1000's of innocent people my age and my parents age just showed up to work and died minutes later for no reason other than that we are Americans.

I don't believe that it should become a holiday, but I do think that the 9/11 documentary should be broadcast every 6, 9, 12 months to remind us of that day.

T Burdick | 28 | Illinois

#991 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
On Septmeber 11th, I remember that I was at work. A co-worker had the t.v. on and came in to tell me that the first plane had hit. I was already late for a meeting and was in a hurry to go about my day. I went in and was watching the news story when the second plane hit the other tower. At that moment, it didn't matter to me if I was late--or even missed my meeting altogether. I was no longer "rushed," only sick to my stomach over what I just witnessed on t.v. I was praying that the people in the buildings would be able to get out safely. I think about this every day of my life. It has changed me forever!! I no longer rush through life.
Susan Wujek | 47 | Illinois

#961 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I remember when I first heard what happened. It was about 8a.m. my mom had called and woke me up. All I could make of the call was that I needed to wake up and turn on the television. When I did I was in shock and disbelieve at what was going on. How could someone do this to us? How could these people hijack not only 1 plane but 4 planes? I had mixed feelings of outrage and sadness. Outrage, by thinking that there are people in this world who are so heartless and cruel. And sadness for the people lost and for the families of the fallen.
After seeing the towers fall I decided that I needed to do something to try and make things a little better for the people in NYC. But being in Illinois and so far away the only thing I could do was donate. So I waited in line at the Red Cross for over 3 hours to give my pint of blood. And every time I saw a sign saying Donations I pitched in. I wish there was more that I could have done.
God bless America and NYC

Melissa | 22 | Illinois

#951 | Monday, March 11th 2002
When the attacks happened I was at school. Our principal came on over the PA system and told all teachers with access to cable in their classrooms to turn on their tv's cuz 'something important happened'...he didn't say what it was (of course my teacher didn't have access). That night I went to my grandma's house like I do every day after school and my grandma told me the news. I was so totally suprised I couldn't even belive it untill I watched the tv broadcasts. Then the next day I was at my friends house studying for a test when her aunt ran throught the door (not even knocking...it startled us) and was screaming "turn on the tv turn on the tv!!!" so we were all sitting there staring at the tv and that's when I was informed of the attacks coming from afghanastan...which I had never heard of untill then. me and some of my friends had tryed some ideas to raise money to send to the red cross...unfortunately the principal turned down EVERY idea we had. then our school decided to raise money by having the entire school make donations then the teachers each had to give $10 and they promised to double the amount! I think we came up with over $1,000!!! also my best friend and nextdoor neighboor's father is a fireman who traveled all the way from pekin Illinois to new york to help! And I want to say one more thing to all my friends and family... you know who you are...I LOVE ALL OF YOU AND HOPE YOU'RE ALWAYS SAFE AND NOTHING AS HORRIBLE AS THIS WILL EVER HAPPEN TO YOU! I HOPE YOU ALL LIVE A FULL AND HAPPY LIFE!

Nichole | 12 | Illinois

#948 | Monday, March 11th 2002
On the morning of 9/11, I was at work, in a long-term care facility where I have worked for over 20 years.I'm a dept. head there, and our maintenence man came to get me and told me a plane had just hit Trade Tower 1. I went to the T.V. and everyone was frozen in front of it. The residents were dazed. Then the second plane struck the other tower. We all cried and felt the loss of all those people who had lost their lives. As the day progressed, it was very sad at the facility. These old people had seen so much in their lives and now this! They had endured and survived wars, losses due to those wars and also the depression. Now they were sure another war was forth coming for them to watch. They ladies started telling us "young people" what kinds of things to go buy at the grocery. It was just like clock work to them, they seemed to be immediatly transported to the past, reliving their wars as if it were. They have seen so many changes in their lives. The total number of people lost that day is equal to the number of people in my home town in West Central Illinois! I fully support our Military strike and search for this cowardly man we have all come to know so well. My first grandchild was born just two weeks prior to 9/11. Before he was born I wondered what the world may be like when he reached the age of 21, 31, 41. I hope it is a world like I had the priviledge to grow up in. Being strong and free and above all free from fear. This is why we must all support our Military, Police forces and the brave dear Firefighters and rescue personel. It is a day I will never forget and hope to keep my presence of mind to be able to recount it for all of my future grandchilren and great-grandchildren someday. I feel such sadness for all the families who lost loved ones that day. Especially all the pregnant women who gave birth since. I read their stories in People Magaine the other day and just cried like a baby. I didn't know these women or their husbands, but I cried for them. I'm sure the children will grow up strong and follow their fathers steps. They have to be strong for they havr been born from strong people. Both, their father and mothers strength are in these children. I think we should follow some of these children into adulthood. I think they will grow to do great things. May God bless us alland keep us safe from harm. United we stand, divided we will not be driven.
DeeVon Mummert | 39 | Illinois

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