#1090 | Thursday, March 21st 2002
WE had gone to bed early for a change. At about 4am the phone rang - some friends of ours who had lived in Washington DC at the same time as us had called to tell us the sad news. We turned on CNN and stayed glued to the set. As we sat and watched we reminisced about the the times we had visited the WTC. I had worked at the Australian Embassy and spent a lot of time at the Pentagon. The fears for our US friends based at the Pentagon gripped us and I couldn't wait to get on the phone to check on them at the same time I was scared to call. In the days to come we were to find that they were well although scared by the incidents.
My son joined us at about 5am and in utter shock sat and stared at destruction. He was deeply affected and wrote the following: Our Own Little Monument
We were not there to see them fall
But we have been there
Very few saw the majestic beauty of these towers
Now those who havenít may never
These towers werenít just seen as objects that were lost
They were seen as casualties of war
Terror brought them down but unity will resurrect them
They will come back, bigger and stronger
They will return
And people will see that nothing destroys America
These faceless cowards have brought an end to thousands of lives
But through their violence comes hope
Hope that one day the terror will stop and peace will spread over the earth
And so look at this mini monument of ours and remember
Remember those that died and those who mourn
Remember those responsible and those who brought this upon us
Just remember, remember that tragic day and what has happened since
Remember the towers and buildings
Remember our own little monument
And always if everything else is lost remember hope
In memory of the World Trade Center Ė 1973-2001
In memory of those innocent civilians who were killed because some people just donít care


We will remember and will be back to visit.
God bless America and all those who lost loved ones.

David Fallon | 44 | Australia

#1012 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
When the tragic events events of September 11th unfolded i has just gone to bed. Then all of suddenly my sister yelled to me from her room where she was watching television she said a airplane had collided into the NewYork trade centre at first we thought it was some sort of accident but as way we watched we dicovered it was not. When i wittnessed from the t.v those poor souls jumping from the building this feeling of helplessness and empathy came over me like nothing that i have ever experienced before. The images of thoses events will live with me until the day i die!
Richard Charlton | 19 | Australia

#979 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I live in Australia, so it was nighttime when the attack occured. It was storming outside, and got up to close my bedroom window. My mother heard me moving around and came into me bedroom, looking completely shocked. She said, "The World Trade Center in New York has been hit by a plane. Come and watch the news!" We sat on her bed and watched in shock as the first tower was engulfed in flame. And then it happened. The second plane came onto the screen and exploded against the second tower. It was unbelieveable. We watched the disaster unfolding live on television, and clung to each other because there was nothing we could do. We cried for the innocent lives lost and the evil of man's heart, as it was obviously a terrorist attack. We could not express our horror and fury that anything so evil could touch the lives and hearts of so many. Our bodies were bound here, but our thoughts and prayers were with the families of thoses souls lost, and the emergency workers trying to save them. God Bless America, we will never forget.
Emma Harvey | 17 | Australia

#956 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was asleep in bed, it was 6.30am (Sydney time) when my husband woke me and said “America is under attack”. I was still fast asleep and just couldn’t comprehend in this day and age what that would really mean. “America under attack” impossible! I sat in front of the TV and I just keep seeing footage of the two airlines crashing into the WTC towers. I think it took me about 10 minutes to register what was happening. I just could not believe what I was seeing. I sat glued to the TV but nothing could prepare me when I saw the first tower collapse, I just started crying and shaking and kept thinking, “my God, all those people, my God what is going on”. My 8 week old boy awoke, I ran to his room picked him up and cried, I just kept thinking what kind of a world have I bought this young, innocent child into, a world that will never be the same again. I spent the rest of the day glued to my TV, watching those horrific images over and over again. Even today 6 months following the attack it still saddens me and I feel utter grief for all those families who have lost loved ones in the attacks. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims as well as their families. God bless you all.
Bianca | 29 | Australia

#777 | Tuesday, February 19th 2002
my name is stephen young,
on behalf of myself and australia we give our depest simpathy.I am glad that all the allied troops are in afganastan and wish them all the luck in the world.my simpathy also gose to the allied soldiers that were killed in afganastan.

yours with simpathy
stephen young.

stephen | 16 | Australia

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