#1419 | Monday, June 24th 2002
I remember standing safe at home in my pyjamas getting ready for bed leaning over the divider between the dining room and the living room when my dad said "Have a look at this, a plane has hit the World Trade Centre" to which I ignorantly replied "What the hell is the World Trade Centre?!". I know now more than enough about the history of the WTC, and I know that I will never forget the shock, disbelief and the utter sickening horror as we both watched another plane hit the second tower.
For the next three hours we watched along with the rest of the world as we all became aware of the horror of what had just happened. I remember the depression and fear that clung to me over the next few days as we were briefed by our security officers about the threat of possible terrorist strikes here in Australia thinking that this can't be happening, this must be some sort of bad dream, that if this can happen in America what hope is there for the rest of us to live in safety and security.
Today, nine months after the event I can still clearly see in my head that image that was beamed live around the world of the second plane striking the tower and the horror as the last of the free worlds innocence fell along with those two towers.
My deapest condolences to the families that lost there loved ones, every night as I have the chance to kiss my daughter and tell her how much I love her I can't even begin to imagine what amount of loss you feel but know that there are thousands if not millions of people around the world that cry along with you.....

Danielle | 26 | Australia

#1414 | Saturday, June 22nd 2002
i was organising my father in laws funeral, who had died on september 9th 2001 and who we buried on september 12th...not a very good week..
jo | 31 | Australia

#1318 | Sunday, May 26th 2002
I was 12 years old and I was up watching a movie when all of a sudden the show got interrupted by this news break that showed the two twin towers with smoke and flying debris all over the place. This was the first time I had ever seen something so bad. My heart goes out to those involved...
Jasmine | 13 | Australia

#1294 | Saturday, May 18th 2002
I remember waking at 4.a.m. on sep 11th..it is not something I do...but this time I woke,I walked into the lounge room,and a dread came over me?..I would normally if up too early,just go back to bed...or watch t.v...but this time,No.I remember in
my heart,feeling this dread.I did go
back to bed,and sleep.Untill my 9yr
old told me to get up.He said Mum,you have to see what is o.n. t.v.I think when that feeling came upon me,at 4.a.m. it was all the lost souls .
I saw it on t.v. three hours after that.
About 7.a.m.
I remember thinking....this is some kind of movie.I was so shocked,my son was unable to take it in...I wish I had
been more careful,and not let my son see so much.But...alas we are but human
and we have no idea sometimes,what to do....our world,as we knew it...is not
ever going to be the same.It has made me a different person,and now I suffer
from a panic that at times will set in.
I love America,I have family there....
God Bless her....and keep ..her safe.

p.Starks | 47 | Australia

#1180 | Sunday, April 14th 2002
I remember Sept 11th like it was yesterday. It was Sept 12th in Australia and I was still asleep. I heard our phone ring quite early which always signals something has happened. I heard my Mum speaking to someone, saying things like Oh my God, How could the do that? etc I wondered what had happened. Next thing Mum had barged into my room and screamed at me to get up because they were attacking New York. I was so stunned, I just got up and turned the TV on. I wondered who would do such a thing. I just remember being so upset and watching CNN for like 3-4 days straight, I just couldn't believe the loss. It really upset me even more because I have always wanted to go to NY and never got to until after Sept 11th. I had wanted to see the Twin Towers and being there and not seeing them, but just a hole in the ground, it seemed such a waste. It is such a terrible loss that I don't think we will ever comprehend. I'll never forget that day as long as I live.
Eve | 22 | Australia

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