#1580 | Wednesday, August 21st 2002
I was watching Cable TV as we just got the product that week. The amazing thing was I was on the CNN channel while it crossed over. To this day I can not believe what I seen. That whole night was spent on the phone to friends to see if they were safe. Those days/weeks that passed just went by with disbelief and still to this day I know it's gone down in history for all the wrong reasons. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA & THE LOST SOLES!

Steve | 23 | Australia

#1554 | Friday, August 16th 2002
I was getting ready for bed when I got a text message on my mobile (cell) phone. It said that a plane had crashed into a tower of the WTC which I only vaguely recognised at that time. I thought "wow, what a terrible accident" and went to watch reports on TV. Very soon after, a plane hit the second tower and I realised with an awful sense of doom that this was no accident. I called my fiance who had sent the original message, and we sat on the open line watching, but not able to say anything. We were so shocked. I stayed up well into the night watching and crying for all of those people and their loved ones, until I forced myself to get some sleep. I woke up in the morning to the news reports and remembered that what I had seen was very real. The whole of the next day was just a cloud of numbness. I called my mum just to hear her voice. People all around were very quiet and subdued. It seemed like there was a strange hush over the world.

Through the following weeks I cried a lot, and prayed for the beautiful people of NYC. I read and listened to every piece of news I could get my hands on. I felt so far away physically but had such a sense of the small world we lived in right at that time.

Rebecca | 26 | Australia

#1515 | Thursday, August 1st 2002
Here in Australia, the first plane struck at 10:48pm on September 11, so most of the drama actually unfolded early on the 12th. I was up on the computer working at an essay due the next day, but when the news broke on the TV, I couldn't work anymore, I didn't go to bed until about 3am because I was so transfixed by what I was seeing. It was so surreal - even though I am about as far from NYC as possible, I still felt some fear as things happened one after the other - how much longer would this go on?

I didn't finish the essay but it was ok - we had an extension due to the circumstances, as many people were in the same position as me.

It was particularly sobering for me, having visited New York, and having stood on the roof of the South WTC Tower exactly 2 months earlier, on 11 July 2001.

Wade | 19 | Australia

#1469 | Sunday, July 14th 2002
I was at home in Sydney Australia just getting up to start the day, kids to school etc... My husband rang me from work and told me to put the television on to the news. I could not believe my eyes, I was totally dumbstruck and had trouble coping with what I was seeing. I could not turn off the television, even though my children were scared and wondered why mummy was crying. I did manage to get one of the children to school on time, luckily his teacher explained to him as best she could what had happened. By the time he got home from school I had composed myself and together we discussed it.He asked why and would it happen here, who would do this and all sorts of innocent questions.

There is a time difference between our countries, it had all happened while I was sleeping peacefully in my bed. I felt guilty about this for some reason. I still think constantly about all that was lost that day and hope that the world will come together as one so that our children will never see such things again.

Leanne Senn | 34 | Australia

#1425 | Saturday, June 29th 2002
We were in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. That morning I'd been standing in the altar room of a thousand-year-old temple on a hill which was hit by an illegal US bomb back in the 70's.

We drove back into town past the killing fields of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge regime -- a regime which was directly and indirectly supported by the United States and the UN. Tens of thousands of people had been killed in the lush green fields around us. One by one, by hand, by their fellow citizens. All up, more than a million were slaughtered. Everyone we met in the entire country had lost family and friends.

When we reached town we went out for dinner at a hotel, and got back at 9pm, just in time to flip on a TV and see the second plane go into the tower. Initially I though it was a movie. From there we just watched it all unfold - it wasn't on CNN or BBC because the reception wasn't that great, it was on some financial channel so the stock tickers kept crawling across the bottom of the screen until they realised there wasn't going to be any more share trading that day.

I was wondering what had happened to friends who worked on Wall St (later I found they were OK although one had been standing on top of the Trade Centre the day before) and remembered that one of them had mentioned he could see the mirror ball in the ballroom of the WTC from his apartment across the bridge.

As we travelled through the rest of that amazing country in the following days, the people were all very interested in what was going on in New York and Washington, and it was definitely the topic of conversation - but nobody seemed very surprised.

Julian | 31 | Australia

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