#764 | Friday, February 15th 2002
I remember Septermber 11th, as the day the world stopped. I remember where I was, how I felt, and what I thought when I was told about the attacks.
I remember just knowing, that it was real. It was the moment in life where every person realized we were one- we were the same... there was no, and still is not one word to describe how each of us felt. We felt united, yet destroyed... yet we knew that no matter what happened we were all in this together.
'We will fight not out of spite, cause someone must stand and declare whats right...and we are never broken...'

Mine and everyones heart will never forget the heros of that day- the victims, the people who are still there and the people who gave up everything to go there... we are all with you... God is with you....

Jemimah Duffy | 16 | Australia

#759 | Wednesday, February 13th 2002
Dear World,

I hope and pray that nothing like this ever happens again. I live in Australia, when the event occured I was asleep but my husband was up watching TV - he woke me up and said you have to watch the news - America is under attack. I got up and could not believe what I was seeing - when I first looked the two buildings were still up - I could just barely see the people throwing themselves from the building - I was shocked. I was crying and could not go back to sleep. The next day when I came into work everyone was watching the TV and there seemed to be silence in the air. We were all very unhappy.

Fatma Kosyer

Fatma Kosyer | 34 | Australia

#724 | Monday, February 4th 2002
I was at home in Rockingham, Western Australia. At the moment that we heard the news reporters telling us from the TV in the room next door that the trade center had been hit, my Dad and I were helping our dog, Nina, to give birth to her four puppies. I quickley rushed to the TV where my brother had been interrupted watching his favourite TV show, Seinfeld and ran to inform my Dad. We took turns watching Nina and the puppies and monitering the sitaution in America. We were already feeling sad and were deeply traumatised at seeing the second trade tower hit when we lost two of Nina's puppies. Not only was it terribly sad to hear of the people who were killed at the hand of a madman but we were devastated at the loss of our beloved puppies. It seemed like the night couldn't get any worse. I know where I was is hardly significant in terms of the tragedy that occured on September 11 but I'd like to believe that I was united in grief with everyone else on the planet and that makes my whereabouts important.
Piper Anderson | 17 | Australia

#722 | Monday, February 4th 2002
I was watching the final episode in the second season of 'The West Wing' at around 10:10pm when a news flash came on during an ad break. 'Two planes have crashed into the World Trade Centre'. It was suprising, but I was admittedly not shocked. Perhaps to Channel Nine's regret,the rest of The West Wing was shown, and for about half an hour I was under the impression this was not too serious.

Two planes crashing ? Must be light aircraft. After all, as I commented on a chat room as the show finished, wasn't there some plane that crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945 ? The power of television makes stories appear more overwhelming than they should be if the visuals look dramatic.

Then the web connection appeared to lag, and I could not get access to some news websites. A few comments appeared on a chat site about planes crashing in Pennysalvania and Washington DC - still uncertain of the veracity of the news reports I thought this was some bad humour. I even rejoined in with some other disbelievers, jokingly announcing that other targets (such as my gazebo) had been hit. After all, Princess Diana jokes had made me giggle.

But a few seconds later the real news confirmed that, yes, a plane had hit the Pentagon and another a field in Pennysalvania, and that (falsely) a bomb went off near the State Department. And we are not dealing with wayward Cessnas, but fully fuelled wide bodies that were believed to have been hijacked and used as instruments of mass destruction.

Suffice to say, any self-indulgent sense of sardonic coolness instantly evaporated. It was just unbelieveable - the methods, the motives, and the setting.

I made contact with my mum, who contacted her sister as my cousin was in New York (safe, but definitely shocked).
I spent the rest of the night until 5.30am watching the news (on all five television channels).

In the morning, the disbelief had gone, replaced with a deep feeling of sadness. Depressed and groggy, and too aware that what had happened was real, I went to work.

Eugene McCabe | 30 | Australia

#721 | Sunday, February 3rd 2002
The attacks on September 11 occurred at around 10pm here in Brisbane, Australia. I was asleep in a tent on my Mum's verandah (I was living cheaply, being between jobs and having just completed a 9 week solo kayaking expedition, so my cash reserves were low), when a friend called me on my mobile (cell) phone and said "you aren't going to believe this ... go turn on a TV and you will see".

I raced inside, turned on the TV and sat there totally stunned by what I was seeing. I woke my Mum up, called all my friends, and then continued to sit transfixed. I remained that way in front of the TV for well over 24 hours continuously. I couldn't sleep, my mind was reeling, I was in a state of shock and grief, and I felt a sense of tremendous foreboding about the world which was changing dramatically in front of my eyes.

Andrew | 32 | Australia

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