#1528 | Friday, August 9th 2002
I was asleep then my mom woke me up by telling me that a plane had hit one of the twin towers and having just woken up i was like 'what are you talking about?' so i turn on the tv and right when i turn it on i see the other plane hit the second building....that's not something i ever want to wake up to again. I found out about 15 minutes later that a plane hit the pentagon too. i was so confused...i hadn't been up for half an hour yet and my mom was telling me to fill up my car before they raised the gas prices. yeah...what happened that day will be something i'll remember forever.
Tristan | 19 | Indiana

#1515 | Thursday, August 1st 2002
Here in Australia, the first plane struck at 10:48pm on September 11, so most of the drama actually unfolded early on the 12th. I was up on the computer working at an essay due the next day, but when the news broke on the TV, I couldn't work anymore, I didn't go to bed until about 3am because I was so transfixed by what I was seeing. It was so surreal - even though I am about as far from NYC as possible, I still felt some fear as things happened one after the other - how much longer would this go on?

I didn't finish the essay but it was ok - we had an extension due to the circumstances, as many people were in the same position as me.

It was particularly sobering for me, having visited New York, and having stood on the roof of the South WTC Tower exactly 2 months earlier, on 11 July 2001.

Wade | 19 | Australia

#1436 | Wednesday, July 3rd 2002
I was sitting in my 9:30 Geography class when I heard the news. My heart dropped and I was speechless. I felt darkness come over me and a sense of emptyness came into me. I didn't know what to expect next. After class was over I left school, went home and didn't leave the TV for the rest of the day. That night I slept with the TV on not knowing what to expect next.
I also want to say this website is a great idea.

Kyla | 19 | Louisiana

#1393 | Thursday, June 13th 2002
I still remember sitting in a cafe in my home town in england, with my long term boyfriend eating a late breakfast when i heard that a plane had hit the world trade centre, i of course like many others thought it was just an accident only to continue my next few minutes normal, traveling home and spending happy hours with my boyfriend. I got home just in time to see the second tower get hit by the plane, which was in itself shocking, Even when its not your country i have several american friends and i thought of them instantly. I later found out that one of my internets friends mother in law had been injured in the world trade centre attack and his mother in laws sister who also worked on a different floor had died. I just want to say that Comming from England it personally doesnt change anything, to me the attack was an attack on the world not just America, a lot of english people were there and got killed also. The cruel words ive read of some people saying that america deserved are wrong, nobody deserves anything like that at all. Although im late in finding this site, i hope that the Familys of the victums will find someway to live on and hope they know that there loved ones are watching over them and will be waiting for them at the gates of heaven when it is there turn, they will be together once again.
Dawn | 19 | United Kingdom

#1382 | Friday, June 7th 2002
I had a 9:30 am Political Science class at Baylor University. Usually in the mornings I turn on Fox News while I get dressed and ready for class, however, this morning I woke up late and didn't bother to. When I got into class everyone looked upset and were mumbling among themselves when the Professor walked in and said, "Of course you have all heard the news by now of the world events unfolding, so I'll just take this class time to disucss it." I had no idea what was going on, until he started talking about it. At that point the the two towers were still standing as far as we knew, we knew the pentagon had been hit, and we thought the State Department had been car bombed. A girl walked into class late, and announced that the towers had fallen...it was a feeling that I hadn't felt since the Oklahoma City bombing. I spent the rest of the day in my dorm room absorbing the news and thinking through what impact this would have on our future. And I joined with the rest of the nation in prayer. God Bless America, the victims, God bless our President, and America.
Frosty | 19 | Texas

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