#1589 | Saturday, August 24th 2002
It was my birthday and i was pissed that it was taking attention from me... Probably because it didnt personaly effect me at all here in seattle wa. other than it takes longer to get in and out of the airport
adam | 19 | Washington

#1579 | Tuesday, August 20th 2002
My co-worker and I were chatting about the morning gossip when our neighbors wife across the hall came in the door and said "someone has bombed the WTC!" I looked at my co-worker, he kinda laughed. "They gotta be joking, Jim's just trying to get you back for that candybar joke," he said. I shrug it off and went back to my newest gossip. The neighbor came running back in the room and started screaming "the other tower has been bombed!" We go running into their office and started watching the fuzzy screen (no cable). At the bottom it explained that two planes had crashed into the WTC, not a bombing. Then we saw the footage of the second plane hitting. I just looked at everyone in the room. They all stood, dumbfounded at this.
My co-worker and I walked back to our office in silence. Then it finally hit me this was no accident as I spoke it aloud. My co-worker just nodded. For the rest of the day we listened to the radio for clues. I wanted to go home, no one knew what was going to happen next. There were reports everywhere of another plane headed at the white house. The pentagon had already been hit.
I called my mother and asked her to go home and not go back to work. I told her not to turn the tv on. She easily upsets, and she didn't listen.
I still get chills and tears come to my eyes everytime I see that plane crash into the tower. I hate watching it, though I feel I need to, to forever remember. I dread the day my children ask me about it. I dread the day I see it in their history books.

Kat Hall | 19 | Georgia

#1535 | Monday, August 12th 2002
For me i taught it was just another day of school But it turned out to be something more then i experienced.

First thing what happened my English teacher told the WTC building is gone and i taught it was a joke and this is before school even started.

in the middle of my math class we were listening the radio and to my demise i hear a women screaming live as a one of the towers fell down i didn't do any of my work in that class i just sat and listen in silence.

As i got home all me and my family did watch all the other shocking events on CNN pentagon being attacked, a Plane down somewhere in penn. I couldn't even sleep till like 3:00 Am so i decided to burn a Cd in tribute to the victims then i got some sleep. i still can't believe what happened i aint gonna forget this day ever.


Ryan | 19 | Canada

#1533 | Sunday, August 11th 2002
Maybe it just shows my age, but there are few events in my life where I can answer the question "Where were you when...?"
A month from today is the one year anniversery of the day our country was even though horribly, I must say creatively, by a word I wish I never understood...Terrorist. Where were you when you heard 4 of our planes had been hijak and two were crashed in to towers that now burn, one into the pentegon, one into the ground. Where were you when you felt like this was unreal? I heard it from my friend Josh. He was staying at my house while he was out her visiting from Hesperia. I woke up and he was getting ready to leave.
"My mom called, we were bombed, we're going to war, she wants me to come home now"
Can you even understand how confusing that is to wake up to? I turned on the TV and..no, not bombed, planes, our planes, and fire, more fire, just lots and lots of fire...airplanes, goodness my school is literally one block away from LAX. I called my mom, I was crying, I didn't understand, I didn't understand how anyone could do something like this. Ever wake up in a horror movie? That's how I felt. No, school was cancled for the day. So I sat, I sat there and watched TV. Thank god for cable. Nothing can break the peaceful surrealism of Nickelodeon. But I still had to work on my project, I still had a project due tomorrow. At a school, one block from LAX and no one knew what was going on. I think that was the worst part...No one knew what was going on.

Stephanie Elizabeth | 19 | California

#1530 | Friday, August 9th 2002
MY boyfriend, Dan Brown, and I were still sleeping when all the planes had hit and we woke up and then we were walking down the hall way and I see this red Supra in front of our house. We then walk to the front door and its our friend Joe. He then says well can you believe what is happening, and we just look at him with this face.

He was like you guys dont know, We were like know what....he says you have to turn the t.v. on.....

We then see all of what had happened while we were sleeping soudly in our bed...

They couldn't believe it and I wouldn't let my mind actually think that it was happeneing.

Later that night we went to go get gas and I looked up into the sky and there was not a single light/plane in the sky. That is when I realized it....

It hit me harder then I would have expected....

God Bless America and all the lost souls....

Jessalyn Johnson | 19 | Arizona

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