#1819 | Monday, September 9th 2002
That morning I was watching TV not the news just some old re runs of "A Different World” after I had just gotten a lecture from my sister how it is better to watch the news in the morning. After that my brother came to me and said it was time to leave for school. We jumped in his car and herd talking on the radio something about a plane crash. So we just popped in a CD and turned up the music.
When we got at the campus there was hardly any parking but no one around. I proceeded to the lounge to wait for class. I walked in and there was no room to even stand. Everyone was looking at the TV with tears in their eyes. I said, "man, must be a good movie on” right after I said that I looked up and saw a building on fire. I then said, "what’s that building?" Someone gave me an odd look and said "The World Trade Center” I asked, "is that a bank?" I was never taught what it really was and no I'm not stupid, you can ask any teen and they will tell you honestly if their not lying that they did not know what the World Trade Center was before September 11th.
As I was watching the TV I saw the second plane hit and herd a newscaster on the TV say “Oh My God…Holy S***” on TV! No edit. Then it hit me hard and I found myself crying as well as everyone else. It was crazy, everyone was screaming that “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE” which didn’t help at all. So I went up stairs to the library to go and email my friends in the military to see if they were all okay cause I had no clue what was going on. There were TVs everywhere in the campus. Even right outside the bathrooms. I walk into the library and log on the computer. I got into my email, which took a half-hour and started typing. All the sudden the systems went down and logged me off the computer. Just as that happen I looked up and there was a kid running around screaming “THEY HIT THE PENTAGON! GET OUT OF TOWN NOW!” By that point I was freaking out running around school looking for my brother.
I grabbed people I didn’t know and just started praying with them. I found out that classes were finally canceled and I went home with my brother. And spent the rest of the day at home with my family. If there was one good thing that came out of September 11th its that people put their faith into God. God bless America! God Bless you!

Colleen | 19 | Virginia

#1809 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was in line, and waited for six hours to donate blood. The wait was worth it, I would have waited as long as needed.
Alexis | 19 | Maryland

#1770 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
On that Tuesday morning, I was sleeping in because I didn't have class until 3:30pm. At around 10am I just heard someone down the hall in my door hall scream "ohh my god!!" At first I thought that it was someone just acting silly..but regardless something about it made me get up and go out into the hallway. My friends had their doors open and I walked into one of the rooms. Still dazed and confused from just waking up, I looked at the TV and I seriously didn't realize what was going on. Everyone was just dead silent and some people were crying. Then my best friend came over to me and said "they rammed a plane into the towers" I couldn't believe it. Nobody went to class that day. We all sat around talking and comforting each other. I had called my parents crying b/c after all of the chaos..all I wanted was to be with them. Plus, my brother is a police officer and that day has made me appreciate what he does even more. I'll never forget september 11 and the way everyone else and I felt. My heart goes out to the victims and the families and they are always in my prayers and have my love and admiration for being strong.
Laura | 19 | Illinois

#1641 | Monday, September 2nd 2002
On September 11th I was in Germany for I am german and I always lived here. But I never felt at home here, my heart always belonged and always will belong to the USA. And soon I will move there.
September 11th was my first day at school in the new school year. I remeber waking up and thinkin "Oh now summer vacation is over, gotta go to school again". I thought it would be a normal day.
When I got home I started doing some stuff for school, not switching on a TV or radio. That was when the first plane hit. My mom came home from shopping, she's had the radion in the car switched on. She ran into the living room where I was at and said with a calm voice "Honey, u wont believe. Switch on the TV there was such a bad accident at the WTC in New York. An airplane did hit the building". I was like "Yeah mom! Stop joking that's not funny." She was like "I'm serious". So I switched on the TV. I didnt have to find the right chanel for it was on on every TV program. I still thought it was an accident. What then followed and changend my life forever I will never forget. I remember watching that live broadcasting, I remeber looking at the Tower in flames. I remember recognizing a small black point behind it, getting bigger. I realized it was another plane just seconds befor it hit.
That was when my world sopped turning.
I felt like my heart stopped beating.
Same time I felt tears running down my face. I heard myself saying "oh my God, oh my God" over and over again. I dont know how long I said there watching, couldnt manage to get my eyes off the screen.
I saw people jumping out of windows, I saw a young couple holding hands and kissing b4 they jumped into certain death. I saw people running down streets, screaming, crying.
I remember my dad coming home from work looking at the screen. I remember seeing my dad cry - for the first time in my life.

Now, almost one year later, there are still nights when I wake up, crying, screaming. I still cant get those pictures out of my mind. I still think about children without mom's and dad's. About so many people who lost their loved once...

I still go to curch, lightening candles, praying for everyone who died and who lost someone.

My fiancee is American he is stationed here in Germany. He is in the US Army and I still pray they wont take him down to Afgahinstan or somewhere else.
I admire everyone who is fighting down there for the States and for freedom though.
The cousin of my fiancee was the fist firefigher body they found that day.
I still cant take it.
Neither can I.

I will never forget that day.
And I hope someday we will live in a world where that will not happen again, for people finally starting to love each other no matter what religion, skin color or country they belong too.

God bless the USA.

Anja | 19 | Germany

#1616 | Thursday, August 29th 2002
britney spears was doing a promotional tour of sydney, which is where i live. i was with my friend carla all day, sitting outside her hotel, waiting for her to come out. we went to a nearby gift-shop to buy an ice-cream and picked up a newspaper, which had the headline and picture of the world trade center.

i wasn't aware of the extent of the damage, so it didn't affect me that much.

we stayed the night at the hotel and every tv channel had live news coverage.

it didn't really hit me, until i read an article in 'rolling stone' about the families of people lost during the attack.

and that made it real to me.
knowing that the people i love, could be living just any other normal day & never be returned to me.

i'm now trying not to say goodbye to anyone, whilst being upset with them
and i tell my friends&family that i love them on a regular basis.

i'm also scared.
i'm scared that there are actually people out there, that are capable of causing such terror and destruction.

cath | 19 | Australia

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