#1337 | Tuesday, May 28th 2002
It was my second day of school and I didn't have class until 1:00pm so I planned on sleeping in. My phone rang at 9:00. I have caller ID and it said out of area. I wasn't going to answer it but something told me to. I answered it and it was my dad. My dad works in World Trade Center four on the top floor. I'll never forget how calm he was. He said, "Allison, listen to me carefully, a plane has hit the WTC." I was like what? This is unreal. He instructed me to turn on my TV and call my mom at work to tell her he was ok. I told him that I loved him and to come home. I called my mother and put on the TV. I could not believe what I was seeing. A couple of minutes after that I watched the second plane hit the second tower. I hung up with my mother and started calling my father frantically. Knowing my father as well as I do I knew he would stay, I beeped him 10 times with Daddy please come home and I love you. This was my only contact that I had with him. I was all by myself just crying hoping that I would hear from him. After both of the towers had collapsed I thought for sure that my father had been a victim. Then the phone rang, it was my father. He had gotten on the ferry boat and was safe. He said to me that if it wasn't for me beeping him he would have stayed and tried to help everyone but he knew I needed him. I am soo thankful. I pray every night for everyone that was not as lucky as I was.
Allison | 19 | New Jersey

#1311 | Friday, May 24th 2002
We were all somewhere. For me, I was in a college history class in the middle of Missouri. My aunt was two blocks from the Trade Center on her day off from her job as a flight attendant on the same flight route, same airline as one of the planes. My friend was in Florida, attending the same flight school that some of the terrorists graduated from. Another friend was overseas serving the United States Air Force. And as I talked to each of them over the next few weeks, I realized that while our different geographic locations and proximities, it affected us all. Sure, we felt different emotions and in different degrees. We had different experiences in the attacks' aftermath. Yet, on that day, Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the entire nation was in unison. United we stand.
Brandi | 19 | Missouri

#1308 | Thursday, May 23rd 2002
I was on my way to school around 8:50 Central time. I turned on Man Cow in the morning and I just couldn't believe what he was saying. It was sureal. At first I thought that he was joking because I never thought that there was so much hatred in the world today. I couldn't believe that people we actually trying to hurt us in a way that was never suspected. When I got into class no one knew what was going on and so I told them and we had a moment of silence and a prayer and my teacher decided to let us leave. I just remember crying in my room with my roommates, it was unbelieveable. I never could have imagined. Right now thoughts still go through my head about that day and I wonder what would I do if one of my loved ones were lost, or why would you do such a thing, or when are we going to get justice? Things that probably go on through everyones minds, but I just wanted to say that I am very sorry and I also am very proud of everyone that had and still are helping out in any way you can. I am so proud and thankful to be an AMERICAN! God Bless and take care.
Stacy Schmidt | 19 | Wisconsin

#1274 | Tuesday, May 14th 2002
I was ending out my vacation in Los Angeles, CA... actually ready to fly out that early morning. We were prepping for that morning's flight when my sister told me to watch the television. I thought it was something about Ohio where i live until i actually saw the screen. My geez. Everyone saw what was on the television. I couldn't really speak for the whole day.

I ended up staying in Los Angeles for an extra week.

Denise | 19 | Ohio

#1194 | Saturday, April 20th 2002
I had just switched on the tv, it was about 1pm here in the uk (8am) NY time. My mum had left early that morning because she was going to visit relatives in spain so there was nobody in the house. A few minutes after the first plane hit, there was a news flash on the channel i was watching and the newsreader said "we bring you thses shocking pictures from New York where it is believed that a plane has crashed into one of the World Trade Centres". At this point i thought it was a terrible accident, and that a light aircarft had crashed into the building. As the news coverage continued a huge fireball surrounded the other buliding and the newsreader didn't know what to say. I think he said "it looks like theres been an explosion in the other buliding, it could have been one of the news or police helicopters that have been flying close to the buliding". He went on to say "were getting reports that it was infact another plane that crashed into the second building". In a discussion with other people on the newsdesk he said "this appears to coincidental to be an accident, i think we are seeing a horrific terrorist attack". the first thing i did was phone my mums mobile phone, she should have just landed in Spain by now. She answered and said "hello, are you ok?", it was unusual for me to phone her while she is away. I said "Yeah i'm fine, have you landed?". She said yes. i said "have you seen the news?". She told me she hadn't and i told her what had happened, it was hard for me to explain something like this without sounding like i was exagerating! She got to her relative house, who she hadn't seen for years, and the first thing they said was "quick, come in look at the news". After 6 hours they finally said hello to each other. It seemed like a day when you could do nothing but watch the events unfold, everyone just couldn't believe what they were seeing. It seemed unreal. I konow someone who put the t.v. on and ignored it because they thought it was a movie.
Andy Mardon | 19 | United Kingdom

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