#847 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I was already through a good part of my school day on September 11, when, just after walking into my third-period classroom, my friend Daniel walks in and says that a plane has hit the World Trade Center. At this point, I'm thinking it's most likely a small private plane or at worst a Leer jet. Being the news addict that I am, I turned on the televison and switched over to Fox News. I will never forget that first image I saw there- not one, but two WTC towers pouring black smoke from their tops. Everyone simply froze, even the freshmen, as we watched the scene unfold. That morning it seemed like the sky truly was falling in all the confusion. First the towers, then the Pentagon, then the crash in PA, not to mention the many other rumors that spread like wildfire. It was...surreal. At the end of third period, just as the bell rang, I had glanced away for a moment, heard a collective scream, looked back up...and there appeared to be only one tower standing. This, to me, was incomprehensible. I truly believed that this was the beginning of the end.

It was a bright, warm day, and in between classes, there were men and women of all ages crying. Those who weren't crying simply didn't speak, and hurried quickly to their next classes where they could continue to monitor the horrid events.

My fourth period class was acting. I flung the back door of the theatre open and rushed inside, to see a small semicircle of peers watching a TV mounted on the wall by the stage. Details poured in: all airports are shut down, all railways are shut down, stock market has been closed indefinately, both the president and the vice president are in a constant state of motion in an attempt to thwart any assassination plans.

The rest of the day was spent just as most others spent it: glued to the television. Curiously, the scene that brought to me the most distress, the most sheer outrage, was that of President Bush, reading a children's book to a group of elementary school students, being informed of the second impact. The contrast there, the everything that changed within that one minute...that was an image that I had (and continue to have) a difficult time dealing with.

Ryan Vance | 17 | Georgia

#807 | Saturday, March 2nd 2002
I had the day off from work on 9-11-01
and I was trying to sleep late, When my roomate walked in and tried to wake me up
he told me that America was being attacked,And i told him who would be so stupid. So I turned back over and stared to listen to the TV, and i could not belive what i was hearing. I jumped up and could not belive it,I thought I was dreaming,But in reality someone was stupid enough to attack such a great country.I could not move and i didn't know what to think. And as the events progressed I could not think of what to think.And to this day i look at the memorals and it still brings tears to my eyes. The victims and there families remain in my prayers. and my heart goes out to the UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES,and the people who are proud to be Americans

Michael | 20 | Georgia

#771 | Monday, February 18th 2002
I was in my lab at Emory University in Atlanta. A coworker said that something big was going on, and to log onto CNN...but we couldn't. The website was just jammed. So, we took down an old black and white TV we had on top of one of our cabinets and tuned into the Today show. The WTC looked like a giant smokestack above New York. I grew up in northern NJ, and saw the WTC every time we would get on the highway, and I had been in the building many times...and the scene was just unreal. Then the second plane hit, and everyone was just in total shock. Some people had tears in their eyes. I called my mother. We spoke about people that we thought might be in the building at the time, or that work in close proximity. I sat down next to the phone and cried. I hadn't cried in years. Someone who knew I was from the area asked me if I thought the towers would collapse, and I said "oh, never, they are so huge and strong that they can withstand it." Minutes later I was proven wrong. Words can't express how I felt. Hours later, I got in touch with a good friend who works near the Battery and who was witness to it all. I was relieved to talk to him and to know he was okay. I felt guilty for weeks after...any time I was doing anything fun or remotely unimportant. I made a visit to NYC in October, I felt like I needed to see it in person. I was lost in New York without the towers there as a landmark. I still get angry and sad thinking about it to this day. We should never forget what happened. If you need a reminder, look at some photos. Hopefully you'll be mad as hell all over again and realize the depth of evil that was thrust upon us that day.
Mike | 25 | Georgia

#767 | Sunday, February 17th 2002
I was going into my 2nd period class when it happened. All my classmates were standing around the TV. At first I thought it was a joke. I couldent believe my eyes when I saw the 2nd plane hit the WTC I about cryed. America will never be the same. The world will never be the same. The events on September 11th not only affected The United States, but the whole world. God Bless America.
Alli | 15 | Georgia

#762 | Friday, February 15th 2002
I was in my 3rd period class at Riverside Military Academy. My friend from Echo CO. came over and told me that the towers were hit, my art teacher brought in a tv and soon after another class poured in, the photography class. We surrounded the screen. By this time both towers have been hit, and the Pentagon was about to be. We were astonished, thinking we were the strongest country, invulnerable, and now this. I called my grandparents because my uncle works for the US Government at a military installation, and travels to the Pentagon occasionally. He was okay, but I was still troubled. In the end, every cadet there who saw what we saw was ready to join up. The patriotism shown even in the cadets shady about being there was astonishing, it brought alot of people together. God bless those who lost their lives, and those who gave their lives that others may live.
C/PFC Ben Rosser | 17 | Georgia

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