#1389 | Tuesday, June 11th 2002
I was arriving at work that morning and as I passed through one cube next to mine a girl asked if I'd seen what had happened in New York. She said a plane crashed into one of the Twin Towers. I thought at first the weather must have been pretty bad or something. She said it was an airliner. Then I thought that there was something seriously wrong with the pilot but still didn't make sense.

Minutes later someone ran by saying the other tower had been hit. I knew then that it wasn't an accident. At that point in time know one knew what to expect after we heard about the Pentagon and then Flight 93. I was scared and confused and I was hundreds of miles away.

I work right outside the Atlanta metro area and left work early. I ride transit and was listening to people talk about it. One woman even said she knew another lady whose brother didn't go into work at the WTC because he was sick and now all of his co-workers were dead. She was crying and I felt terrible all over.

Before I left work I emailed my mother and told her that I loved her. I talked with my wife frequently by cell phone all the way home. Her job is right next to the metro area Airport and I feared something might happen but was relieved when I heard they shut air traffic down.

I'll never forget that day, I never want to forget it. I hope that no one forgets it. The day that we do is the day that we let our fellow Americans and Freedom itself down.

~Always remember and cherish every moment of your life.

Lewis | 24 | Georgia

#1204 | Wednesday, April 24th 2002
There was an all-school assembly -- called our Who's Who assembly going on. It recognizes excellences in high school students. We had just seen a motivational speaker who had come from the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY, and he had inspiried many, and put others to sleep. How unfortunate that as we look back on that day, I don't have any recollection of what he said. Mr. Pritz, the principal of Marietta HS in Georgia, came on and told the students that the speaker had discussed choices -- but that sometimes things happen that we have no direct control of. He said to the 1700 students, "Something has happened. Sometimes people do things that we just can't control." I remember thinking, "Oh no, there's been another school shooting." It was much worse. He told us that an airplane had slammed into the WTC, and that terrorism was certainly presumed. He handled it with such class, and leadership, that I remember thinking about how impressed I was with him at that moment. The rest of the day, I had my radio on in my office, and listened to the rest of the day's events with students crammed in there with me. I helped them to cope with the shock. What Hell we have seen.
Rob Opitz | 28 | Georgia

#1132 | Friday, March 29th 2002
Hi, I'm Lisa Morris. I live in Adrian, GA which is a town with approx. 700 people. I was sitting in my living room on September 11, & had just decided to walk to a neighbors house when a report come in over the television about the first plane hitting. I felt helpless. I did not want to be alone. I went on to my friends house. She knew nothing about it. We turned on her television, & we both just cried. I said "this has to be delebrate." "Someone wanted these people to die." About that time the second plane hit. My kids were in school but I had to go and get them. If something was to happen here, I'd want the last face they seen to be their mommy's, I thought. This proved that it can happen anywhere. I really don't know what else to say, but I know for the next two days, I did nothing.

May God bless the souls that were lost.
Thank you for letting me share this...

Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris | 23 | Georgia

#1096 | Friday, March 22nd 2002
I was in Language Arts and all of a sudden my teacher yelled,"Oh my gosh! This cannot be happening!" She told us what had happened and then our principal came over the intercom and told us what had happend. We were having construction done and our telvison was out. Our governor had issued a statement that said k-8 grades were not allowed to watch any coverage of the events. It was not until I got home that I relized the severity of this tradegy. Watching the towers come down over and over for hours was just unbearable that I had to watch the Disney channel so I wouldn't watch those sad events. I was not directly affected by the attacks but I still feel for the families and have been praying for them every night. After these attacks I realized that America is just as prone to being victims as the next guy. The thing that makes me sick to my stomach was seeing Palistinen women praising and celebrating these horrific attaks. I will never forget September 11,2001.
Amanda B. | 14 | Georgia

#1054 | Sunday, March 17th 2002
I was sitting in my Economics class, when my friends and I were laughing at some old economic theory when there's a knock at the door. It was about 9 am in Atlanta, GA. Anyway, my teacher answers the door and it was the teacher across the hall; he told him something quickly in a hushed voice while we continued to joke about that theory which I can't remember. It was kinda dark outside and rather cloudy. My econ teacher turned on the tv, telling us in a calm voice that the towers have been hit. The class watched cnn in silence as we watched the tape on the twin towers, then the live converage of the pentagon.
Kati | 18 | Georgia

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