#1431 | Monday, July 1st 2002
I am from a suburb of Chicago in Nortwest Indiana. I had just started a new job the day after Labor Day. I had to be at work at 8:30am EST. Before I had gotten to work, I had stopped at McDonalds. I was in the line for drive-thru, and my buddy Erik, who had taken his mother to work, and was getting some food to go home, pulled up behind me. He got out of the car and shouted, HEY, NEW SLAYER CD comes out today. The SLAYER cd was entitled GOD HATES US ALL. I had purchased it a day earlier from, a independent music store.

After I got to work, I got dressed and went back to the garage. I was the first mechanic there, and the oldest one had just arrived. He said....did you hear about the World Trade Center? I thought he was just babbling on, and thought he had referred to 1993, so I had walked away, for there were customers arriving.

As I changed oil on the first vehcile, someone in the lobby area had the TV on. I had noticed people were sitting in there, even workers. My co-worker had called off, and I had got upset, because we had a lot of cars early. I occasionally walked by the TV, but I was so busy, I couldn't stop.One radio was on in the shop. It is normally some classic/blues, but it had a AM sound. I started to listen as I heard about the WTC getting attacked. I thought, thats terrible, but is it that serious? Why is it national news, and why isnt the music on? Next news flash was....Pentagon got hit. I started to freak out. I know the Penatgon is our defense capital, and began to worry. Then we had heard about the plane supposedly headed for Camp David/White House. I started to realize that these attacks were heading west towards Chicago. My sister worked at the SEARS TOWER. I worried for her life, and I have a relative in the Air Force who worked at the Pentagon. I swore to myself, if another plane hits OHIO or something, I was going home.

Work had finally died down, and it was luchtime. We got an hour for lunch, and I only lived 5 minutes from work. I went home and called my girlfriend. She was in hysteria, and could not stop crying. I assured her that it would be okay, but in reality, I was confused and shocked. I watched CBS for the next 40 minutes and went back to work.

When i went back to work, we had no more cars for the rest of the afternoon. I didn't really watch TV, becuase I was new to this job. I didn't want to get in any kind of trouble, so i kept busy. My managers and co-workers handled it differently. I just kept silent, and was more upset that the others. Finally, we got to go home.

I went home, and my g/f was supposed to go to college that evening, but instead she came over. She never felt better to hold on to. I didn't want to let go. She was afraid I would be drafted, and worried about a bunch of other things. At about 10p.m. CST, she had left. I watched the news for another hour and went to sleep.

One more thing about this, the next day at work, we still had the no-fly zone i effect. My co-workers and I looked into the sky. It was the most intense pain to know that a terrorist had the ability to slow us that much for 2 days.
After they had let up the no-fly zone, I was watching more of the news that evening, and a plane roared right over my home. For some reason, I thought I was going to die. Ever since then, I have realized that noone is ever guaranteed the next second of your life. This WAR in the name of GOD is disgusting. The Palestinians were celebrating. The old woman looked like a serpent flipping her tounge. I was boiling inside, because i do not find any form of death amusing. That is my story. I would give anything that I could, If I had the power to prevent those planes from getting hijacked. The flight that crashed into Pennsylvania are indeed heroes. All Americans were touched somehow. I really admire all the rescue efforts. I know deep in my heart the Osama Bin Laden, all terrorist networks, and Saddam Hussein will pay a extreme price. Saddam is behind this also. Guaranteed.

May you all be blessed, and my heart is with you. Feel free to E-mail me for a link to a site that is very heart-felt. OR E-mail me just to say anything about 9/11/2001.

Justin H | 23 | Indiana

#1391 | Wednesday, June 12th 2002
I had gotten up with my seven-month-old son at around 7:30 est. I had the TV on in the background tuned to The Today Show. When the first plane hit, our local news station came on to tell us. I can remember thinking, naively, that it was just an accident. A horribly dumb pilot. I sat down to watch the coverage, and when I watched the second plane hit live, I went with a shaking voice to wake my husband. We sat glued to the TV for the rest of the day. When the first building collapsed, I turned to my husband and said, crying, "Oh my god, all those people! They just sent in all those firefighters!" It was unreal then, and it still seems unreal now.
Kelly | 23 | Indiana

#1376 | Thursday, June 6th 2002
I was getting ready to go visit my brother and I was sitting in front of my dresser putting on my makeup and my TV sits on it.....I was watching channel 13 and they said "We have breaking new" I was thinking it was an somthing to do with trafic or the weather....but no.....they showed the World Trade Center on fire and I was like in shock. They said that a plane crashed into the building and they don't know anything else. About and hour later I sat there and watched the second plane go into the second building and I sat there and watched thousands of people die. I just started crying and I will never forget that day! I might not live in New York but I live in America!! Everybody is affected by September 11th. Also my boyfriend is a US Marine and we are affected by that too!! I pray for all the families who lost loved ones that day!! ~*Nicole*~
Nicole Jackson | 15 | Indiana

#1322 | Sunday, May 26th 2002
it was a normal day for me except this day just happened to be me and my wifes anniversary (2yrs), i was at work, i am a customer service rep. and i was at my first account of the day the girl at the desk ask if i heard what was going on??? She said she heard that an airplane hit the World Trade Center.I thought maybe a small private plane or something? I was clueless, so when i got back to my truck i called my wife. This was 8:40am and her and my son were still sleeping, so i ask her to turn on the news because i thought something was going on,I knew she had the news on because she was already crying. I ask her how bad and she said OH MY GOD!! What is going on? By this time i was already at my 2nd account and they had a TV and i watched the 2nd plane hit and just could not belive it,didn't want to belive it, still dont want too.. So thats how my anniversary started but at the end of the day i was still with the one i loved and thousands of people were not. And i never realized how much i had until that morning at 8:50 when i seen it on TV.
Brian Bowers | 26 | Indiana

#1293 | Saturday, May 18th 2002
I was up, preparing to head out for an appointment with my doctor. I had the tv on, listening to Today, as I dressed. The report came that there was a fire at the WTC, that it was thought a plane had crashed into it. I called my mother in Florida and told her to wake up and switch on her tv, that she wouldn't believe what was going on in NYC. The worst was coming and no one knew it, until the second plane hit and I sat down, quietly on a chair and stared - thinking " oh, my God...we are under attack. " I hurried to my appointment and scurried home. One tower had fallen. I was watching, not wanting to believe it and my phone rang - my Heartsound calling, thank God. I was crying, asking " how much is enough ? " Then, the other tower fell and then I couldn't speak. Horror had replaced whatever disbelief I was feeling. The continuing story worsened and I ached for those on the planes, in NYC, in DC and the loved ones of those whoe perished - and knew that the devastation, death and agony would somehow be rationalized as " the US had it coming " in some parts of the globe. I had to think beyond that - to ache for those gone, the survivors, their families and for all of us who aged that day. Now, nine months on, we stand and we have endured every emotion
imaginable. Am I angry ? Yes, who wouldn't be angry ! Yes, Mr. BinLaden, you pulled off a massive attack, but your motives were self-serving. You did what you set out to do, but it had nothing to do with good and righteous living. It was one mans' will, not Allahs'. I don't know what life has in store for you, but know this - you failed. We stand, Mr. BinLaden, we stand.

Deborah King | 49 | Indiana

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