#1525 | Thursday, August 8th 2002
I was in school on the morning it happened. They wouldn't tell us. The Principal and Vice-Principals came in every classroom throughout the day. They turned off every T.V. regardless of what was on. They turned off the internet connection to every computer in the building. They shut down the pay phones so we couldn't call home. All they said was this, "Something terrible has happened in the country today, it is not our place to tell you what. If your parents wish, they can tell you when you get home." That was it.
Kyle | 15 | Indiana

#1516 | Saturday, August 3rd 2002
I spent the morning of Sept. 11th cleaning the house while listening to some of my favorite CD's. Usually I have the TV on, but this day I had decided to listen to music instead. My roommate came running into our house around 11 am shouting, "There are planes flying into buildings all over the place!". She grabbed me by the hand, and led me into the living room. We turned on the TV and watched the coverage. After not being able to speak for several minutes, I ran to the phone and called my little sister, who had just found out a few days earlier that she was pregnant for the first time. I really needed to hear her voice and make sure she was ok. After talking to her, I called another sister and my mother. Nothing is more reassuring in a time like that than to hear the voice of someone dear to you. About an hour later, the phone rang. I answered with a "Hello", but there was no response on the other end. I said "Hello" again, and the person responded with, "I just wanted to hear your voice", and then they hung up. I recognized the voice as belonging to my ex-girlfriend. Our relationship had ended almost a year earlier on a bad note, after being together for 4 years. That phone call brought a feeling of warmth and security to my heart. I will remember it till the day I die.
Jeff | 33 | Indiana

#1511 | Wednesday, July 31st 2002
I was in a psych hospital for attempted suicide. I was the only patient awake and the staff was f;ipping through the channels and I saw that the first tower had been attacked. I really didn't think anything of it but then the second was was attacked and all the staff started freaking out. They let us watch for a while, but right after the first tower fell they decided it would upset us to keep watching what was going on. Not a fun day for anybody.
Sam | 16 | Indiana

#1479 | Tuesday, July 16th 2002
I was in my band class,when the principal came on the P.A. system and told us everything. The news was on almost every station. It was devastating to everyone in the school. And on the way home on the bus, no one said anything. Watching the images was so terrible. So I stopped watching the T.V. for that entire week. When I went to bed I would listen to the radio(which I still do). I hope it never happens again
Ryan | 12 | Indiana

#1445 | Friday, July 5th 2002
i had waken up around 8:30am central time on that morning. i had left my portable scanner on overnight, because we had severe weather the night before & skywarn spotters were activated.anyway, the ham operators on that frequency in our area were talking about a plane had crashed into the world trade center towers. i did'nt really think that this was severe until i came downstairs.my mother was up already, dad had already left to go to work that morning. she had a doctors appointment that morning & she was getting ready to leave. i asked mom 'what the heck is going on? i heard the ham operators saying plane have crashed into the world trade center towers.' mom said for me to watch the television & they'll replay the second plane crashing. when i saw the towers buring for the first time i could'nt believe what i was seeing. then they show the second plane crashing. i was say 'whoa, whoa, geeez i can't believe this.'! mom had the NBC on. i heard tom brokaw say that there is a decleration of war. i thought 'well this is it, i guess!' i did'nt go back to bed. i was too hooked of knowing what was gonna happen next.just when my mom started to walk out the door they said over the tv that a plane hit pentagon. i told mom i'm gonna stay up & watch this news coverage & i told her to becareful on the road.i could'nt believe that i saw both twin towers crumble to the ground. all of manhattan was covered in smoke & ash.i went to my work place around 6:00pm that evening. i had that day off. i work at a local craft/floral store. i had to get my new schedule for the next week. my manager 'amy' had a 13 inch color tv at the cash registers with the FOX newschannel on. she asked me how we were doing, i told we were doing fine, just can't believe that this is happening. driving into work that evening, had a really strange atmosphere. i can't explain it. it was'nt like a normal tuesday. but, it seemed people were doing there normal routines that day. i learned that some of the gas station were really jacking-up the prices of gasoline. some places were selling unleaded gasoline between $6.00 & $9.00 a gallon. bunch of idiots trying to take advantage of the situation. but, they got caught though, thanks to our attorney general.but, i think this will be a day we all will never, ever forget. god bless america.
Jason | 30 | Indiana

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