#677 | Sunday, January 27th 2002
In my world geography class, we were taking a test, when a teacher runs in and the tv is turned on. The rest of the day was hell....
Orion | 15 | Virginia

#671 | Saturday, January 26th 2002
I live in Indonesia, and I was having problems with a french assignment when It happened. I had got online to see if any of my friends were on MSN messenger who could help me. It was about 9 PM when my dad rushed in to tell me that a plane had hit the first tower. I quickly told my friends, and for the next 4 hours, we traded information online through messenger, and we gained support from each other as the world's history changed forever. In the end, we had a conversation going of about 10 people, in different countries, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, the US, UK, Singapore and New Zealand, all joined together, watching the world change before out eyes. It was a truely terrifying experience, one that I will never forget.
~Sarah Roberts

Sarah Louise Elin Roberts | 15 | Indonesia

#632 | Tuesday, January 15th 2002
I think this site is an excellent idea. I'm from England, and therefore watched the horrors of september 11th on the television.
Im 15 years old, so when the twin towers and the pentagon were attacked I was at school (it was about 2pm at the time of the attacks over here), so I only found out when I came home and my sister was watching t.v. At first I wasent really sure what to think, to be honest I had never heard of the world trade centres before that day. But then I realised the sheer scale, it was mind-blowing. I don't think I have cried so much in my life. It breaks your heart seeing all the pictures on the news, firemen, policemen, volunteers, survivors, ground zero, and the memorials.
But I feel lucky. Although there is so much hate in Afghanistan and other places, I feel lucky that I am witnessing so much love, support and friendship, in a time when we all need that more than anything. God Bless America.

Suzie L. | 15 | United Kingdom

#621 | Wednesday, January 9th 2002
Hi.Im Lena from israel, and when i first heared the very bad news I was in the library. I tought the end of the world would come. im owfully sorry.

Lena | 15 | Israel

#612 | Sunday, January 6th 2002
On September 11th I was in my classroom taking a test. It was my third period class. All of the sudden I saw tears falling from my teachers face. She had told us to hurry up and finish our test. We did what we were told to do. The we turned on the news and found out what happend.A plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I will never forget this day and where I was at. May God bless America. Also God bless all the families and people who were affected by this tragedy. Also to the men and women who are overseas fighting in war and may God grant us all peace. I hope we find Osama and shove a missel up his butt and hurt his country like he has done to us!!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE IN AMERICA AND TO OUR MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE SERVIG OUR COUNTRY!!! Jeremy I miss you and I know you are in the Navy now I pray to God everyday to watch over you. I miss you and Love ya. xoxox
Julie | 15 | Florida

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