#309 | Wednesday, December 5th 2001
I was in German class, 3rd period and the teacher walks in late "Have you guys heard?" of course none of us have and we all ask him what "The World Tade centers are being attacked. one has been hit with an airplane!" at this some poeple were shocked, some people wouldent believe it, and some like me, were shocked and scared at the same time. my life has changed since then, i think about the men on flight 93 who resisted the terroirists and think about how heroic they were. and i hope that the 4-6 (maybe more, im still researching it for a report in class) men recieve the presidental medal of freedom, that action saving hundreds of lives makes me think of how i should live my life every day. And that new way of thinking is not for myself, but for other people.

God bless America, The firefighters, and the brave souls from flight 93

David | 14 | Ohio

#230 | Friday, November 2nd 2001
I was in school when it happened. I'm in junior high school, so it seemed to be a regular day of homework and tests. I had a test that period when my teacher came in to tell us the news. She had just heard it from another teacher during our "recess" period and told us right away that we had been attacked. And most of all, I'll never forget the class before - a history class where my teacher said, just before the bell rang, we were a small world -- saying this just minutes before everything changed.
Jane | 14 | Massachusetts

#207 | Monday, October 15th 2001
I can't belive this actually happened,. It was horrible, and even more terrifing that I had to go the whole day without knowing ifmy dad was ok down in wachington or not. And what about all those other people? Its just so surreal, it feels like the world happend but then it also feels like nothing happned. I pray everyday for everyone who might be affected by this. There really is nothing left to say about now...
karoline | 14 | Maryland

#192 | Sunday, October 7th 2001
I was in my English class, doing a timeline of my life. When we heard of the attacks, the tv was turned on. Some people were treating it lightly, but others, including me, were shocked. I will never forget my teacher, standing there, with her face in her hands, shaking her head with disbelief. And, suddenly, I was more scared than I had been in a long time.
Anastasia | 14 | Ohio

#170 | Thursday, September 27th 2001
I was on my way to school when America was attacked. I couldn't stop thinking "This is gonna be a bad day". Of course, I just thought it was because I had a test or something, but it turned out to be so much worse. Plus the test.
Cassi | 14 | Idaho

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