#546 | Thursday, December 20th 2001
My name is Amanda Jenkins. I am 14 years old. The day of 9/11 I was at school. When I heard what had happened all I could think was really my family but mostly my dad my dad had been in New York the last I had talked to him. No he is still alive lucky enough for my family and me. At first I keep calling him to make sure he had left that area. He had he’d left 2 hours before the strike and I’m so happy for that. I feel for those who had lost their families and I’m glad that my father wasn’t in that. If he had been I don’t know what. But one thing for sure is that this has brought my family closer than ever. I think I even believe in God more than ever because if hadn’t been for God I think my father wouldn’t of left then, but for others who hadn’t been so fortunate I feel so sad and confused and I have a greater understanding why we have History in school. And I realize now that we, children, don’t understand Pearl Harbor and such because it didn’t happen to us and we also now understand that 9/11 is our generations history not our children’s when have them. Thank You.
Amanda Jenkins | 14 | Alabama

#462 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
It was exactly 10:30 AM. I was sitting in my Spanish class. There was 4 minutes left in class. The only thing I was worried about at the time was the long 4 minute wait for the bell to ring. Then the principal came over the loudspeaker. He said: "We have some breaking news, a national tragedy has just occured. Two planes have crashed into the World Trade Centers in an apparent terrorist attack. This is a horrible tragedy. Anyone who has fear that a relative of theirs has been involved by this, please come to the office so we can contact a relative." Now I was worried if Boston was going to be bombed or attacked. Class let out and I went to my History class. We watched the news on TV and I started crying. it's amazing how quickly my veiws and thoughts changed.
Leanne | 14 | Massachusetts

#451 | Monday, December 10th 2001
When the first plane hit i was actually sleeping in bed after hearing something(of course my hearing is not so good when waking up) on the radio about the world trade centre having been crashed into. I immeditely turned on my television set to cnn to my utter horror i sat there and sat there...and just stared for severla minutes until i saw another jet slam into the second trade centre building. The at that i was shocked to even think about the consequences for the person or persons responsible.
benji | 14 | Canada

#417 | Sunday, December 9th 2001
I feel so bad about what happened september 11th and I was at school that they. I heard the news when we were down in the auditorium for Fundraiser prizes and announcements I felt really bad I started praying to God almighty about this. I think this tradgy happened because America was pulling more away from God and not praying to him. This reminds me of Israel In the Old Testament where whenever they fall away from God God does something to have them come back to him and worship him. I think this is one of those incidents were God knew that America was pulling more and more away from God So that is why I think God wanted this to happen, because nothing absoulotly nothing is done without God seeing this This was all part of God's Plan I think.

Sam K.

Sam Kunjummen | 14 | Minnesota

#357 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was at school, taking a test called the "ISTEP" tests. When we were released for a break from testing, one of my friends came up to me and told us that the WTC was bombed. I thought he was just kidding around, because he usually does. I went to the cafeteria and there was a TON of people crowded around this big screen TV watching CNN. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then, we were all dismissed to our homerooms. Luckily, my homeroom that day was in the cafeteria, so I got to stay and watch the coverage. Me and one of my other friends were trying to make jokes about it, but we were both in a state of shock. After homeroom was ended, I went to lunch with my friends and we were all speechless, or making fun of other countries. There were about 15 people in line at the pay-phone waiting to call their loved ones. I then went to Biology class and my teacher was trying to keep the class in order and try to keep us calm. Then, my father cam to pick me up right in the middle of Biology because my mom was freaking out. That was probably the worst day I have ever lived, but it was probably the best day for democracy.
Cody Blevins | 14 | Indiana

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