#866 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I was at school. My friend told me. I thought she was joking, but several seconds later our principal told us to go home. My dad came to pick me up, as well as some of my friends because they didn't have anywhere to go. We spent the day watching the news at my house in disbelief.
L. | 15 | California

#848 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I was at home, i had the day off of school for illness.
My parents had left earlier to get to a meeting at the WTC, and they were there in the north tower when the plane hit.
I just want to leave a tribute to my perfect mommy and daddy who are no longer with me.
I feel only anger for those evil men on the airplane. they killed my family and made me all alone.
It is not their children who are without both parents, it is me. And i have to deal, they don't. they took the easy way out, death. If i could die, maybe i would. But i have to stay alive, for my parents.
I have tried many times to kill myself, and i know, that it's at the very moment you really think you're gonna die, that you wish you were alive.
I loved my parents and now they aren't here nobody loves me back.
they're gone. forever.
the taliban got what they wanted.

now its our turn.

tahliya | 15 | New York

#829 | Thursday, March 7th 2002
I was sleeping in bed when my alarm clock went off at the same time the first plain hit the world trade center. I went to school clueless of what happened. On the bus my best friend handed me a C.B. and told me to listen for the emergence chanel. So i did. When i got to my frist class i heard the TV running and that is when i found out about the terrist attacks on the world trade center. Then a special news buliton came on and said that the Pentagon was hit as well. I was stuned. My first intention was that i though the Iraqies were behind this. Then i saw the buildings collape (the world trade center). I was thinking the government would have sent out the army to find the terrists or send the airforce to stop the other plans, like shot them down or somthing. When we waged war i was sad for the country that had to enduor americas furry, but it was their falt for attacking us! So oh well!
Landus Smith | 15 | Idaho

#804 | Saturday, March 2nd 2002
September 11th I was in school. The halls seemed unusally quiet but being new and knowing very few people, I was used to the quiet. I didn't even know what was going on until last period when our principal made an announcement on the loud speakers. She told us that there had been acts of violence along the East Coast but that we were not to worry. My dad worked in NYC and we had just moved from Boston so with so very information to go on I immediately burst into tears. But no one knew anything. Our teachers weren't allowed to talk with us about it so we just had to wait until the end of the day. When my boyfriend picked me up and I saw the tears in his eyes I knew that it was pretty bad. I couldn't get in touch with my parents but I went to my boyfriends house and I cried and cried. It wasn't until I finally got in touch with my dad that I realized everything would be ok. It would be tough. September 11th will stay in all our hearts forever.
Michele | 15 | Pennsylvania

#791 | Tuesday, February 26th 2002
I remember 9/11 too clearly. I was in French class when my teacher came running in and told us the news and how her relatives(now safe) worked at the WTC. She said one had called and said a plane had hit, but right after this the connection went off. Leaving us to work on compositions, she went outside to frantically call her relatives. After this period, we were all led into the library to watch what was happening, getting there just as the first tower collapsed. I remember clearly the teachers hadn't told us about this earlier and so when we found out, both planes had already hit, leaving us to think, up until third period, it was just a normal Tuesday. But it wasn't, as we had assembly after assembly, tests canceled, auditions canceled, everything canceled. I also keep a journal, and I read my September 10 entry just now about a test on 9-11: "I'm dreading tomorrow! I don't want to go to school..." and it went on, but those two sentences stuck in my mind. I'm sure many people, had they known, would say the same about going to work.
Sorry its long.

janie | 15 | Massachusetts

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