#250 | Tuesday, November 13th 2001
It's kind of weird. Actually, it is extremely odd. The night before, September 10, I can remember going about my business as an 18 year old: talking on the phone with my friends, playing a computer game, and eating dinner with my small, tight-knit family. As I said goodnight to my grandmother, I went about my evening in a very "normal" way. I talked with my mom about college, and about my baseball career. We said goodnight, and that was that. I'm not going to say that we humans don't dream, but I did not reach that state of sleep in which I was capable of dreaming.
The next thing I can remember, is my mother waking me up with tears in her eyes, and my first reaction was that something had happened to my grandmother. When she told me "Chris you have to come and see this, get up, a plane flew into the World Trade Towers." I remember I couldn't really say anything, as my mouth was locked tight in disbelief. Minutes within removing the morning glaze from my eyes, I felt as if I fell back asleep - surely I was dreaming. Another plane, hit the other tower.
About this time, my jaw hit the floor. 18 years old, and I heard the words "terrrorism." I am not supposed to hear this, not now, not ever. I grew up in a time with a booming economy; a time in which violent crime within communities was running rampant, yes, but not planes slamming into buildings! I remember thinking to myself "Could this be? This country in which everyone believed in individual success would now become a country of 'we'?" I guess it would.
From September 11, 2001 and on, this world in which I will turn into an adult will be one of caution and rememberance; one of anxiety and disbelief; and one which will question integrety of your fellow American. The once free country which I was raised in will become one in which I have to make free again, by believing and trusting in my fellow Americans, and by restoring faith and security within myself - probably the hardest task my young mind, body, and soul has ever faced in a country which promises "Freedom and justice for all." Wish all of us luck, keep us in your prayers, and God Bless America and each and every one of you.
Always Remember 9-11-01

Chris Plewik | 18 | California

#234 | Saturday, November 3rd 2001
I was in Spanish class at KSU, normal day. At the beginning of class, someone came in and said, "some planes have hit the WTC and the Pentagon" Even though she did say the Pentagon, which is where my aunt works, I didn't think much of it, thinking only cesnas or some small plane. We went on with class until 12. Then we got out and it was all over campus... people were talking on their cell phones crying, people were saying that classes were cancelled. That had me worried. Classes hadn't been cancelled at KSU since May 4, 1970, or so I had heard. So I started running back to my dorm, shaken by the thought that maybe my aunt wasn't okay after all. I reached the dorm, and everybody was out in the hall. My roommate told me my mom had just called, and that my aunt was fine. But I was still shaking, about to cry. Then, for the next few days, all I watched was the news.
September 11, 2001 was terrible indeed. We should take our feelings of horror as we saw our innocent civilians suffer, however, when we do the same to others. It does not only affect the USA.

Patricia | 18 | Ohio

#209 | Friday, October 19th 2001
I know it sounds insensitive, but I was sleeping. My friend came and told me to wake up and see what had happened. I decided that what I had heard was a part of a dream that I hadn't finished the previous night. When I woke up I was overwhlemed with the moving pictures on the screen. It was surreal. I was for the first time in my life a major part of history. I can now tell my children about how beautiful the New York City skyline was before some crazy Islamic zealots ramemed jet liners into them. I can now feel uncomfortable when I see an old TV show or movie that shows the buildings in some innocent scene.
Jesse Fasano | 18 | United States

#202 | Saturday, October 13th 2001
September 11th, 2001 was my eighteenth birthday. I had an 8:30 class, and got out at 11 am, ready to celebrate for the rest of the day. I was standing in front of the elevators to my dorm, waiting to go to my room. The girl next to me was talking to her friend about airplane crashes, and the Twin Towers, and at first I thought she was talking about a movie. When we got into the elevator, and she kept talking about it, I realized that it wasn't a movie. I got up to my floor, and things were crazy. A bunch of people from New York live on my floor, so they were scared for their family and friends, and while I have no family and friends in the area, it scared me so much, and I sympathized with them. For the rest of the day, we were all glued to the few television screens there were in the dorm, and our computers, where we could at least get some information.
Theresa Toscano | 18 | Massachusetts

#174 | Saturday, September 29th 2001
I was asleep when it happened as it was around 11:45pm Australian time. When I found out the next morning, it didn't affect me immediately because I didn't comprehend the extent of what had happened. The footage they shown on television over and over and over again reminded me of a movie and I felt detatched from it. When I got to school it was all anyone could talk about. A million rumours flew around and I still wasn't exactly sure what had happened. The one thing that made it real to me was not seeing the plane fly into the Trade Center over and over but the interviews with mothers and children wondering if their fathers were alive. The crying and shocked faces brought tears to my eyes when I finally realised the extent of what had happened. I may live hours upon hours away from the tradegy but that doesn't mean I am any less affected by it. One of my teachers came to school almost in tears but held a strong face for us, his friend had been in the World Trade Center on that day. No one will ever forget that day and everyone is forever changed by it.
Bel | 18 | Australia

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