#171 | Thursday, September 27th 2001
what happened to this country on september eleventh is unspeakable. the tragedy and suffering alone is to much to comprehend, especially to someone so far away. this event has made us all more aware of the world as a whole, by tearing our eyes open. but we as a nation shouldn't be screaming for revenge and blood. why kill more people so they can also feel the fear and pain we do now? at this time we need to unite and prevent future attacks by awareness and peace, not fear instilled in the hearts of "non-americans." wake-up america!
Andrea | 18 | California

#167 | Thursday, September 27th 2001
I was getting ready for class when my mother called me around 7:45 in the morning to tell me that a plane crashed into the WTC. We thought it was a horrible accident, and I sat down to eat breakfast and watch the Today show. When the second plane hit, I dropped my cereal on the floor, I just couldn't believe it. It was like a bad horror movie, just a nightmare, it wasn't real.. I have many friends and family in New York City, and my brother was up there that day with his girlfriend, and I was so worried.. when the plane hit the Pentagon, and again when one went down in Pennsylvania, I cried like I had never cried before. I remember a time when security wasn't tight at all at the airports. It frightens me to realize how much we have all taken for granted.. and my heart aches for the families (including mine) that have lost people. My brother and his girlfriend are fine, but my mother's cousin, who is a Port Authority police officer, is still missing. I just got baptized this May - I don't consider myself a devout Christian - but my prayers are with the entire country during this time. This isn't just about the horrific loss of life, it's about the loss of a *way* of life, and the loss of innocence for many children.
Carolina | 18 | Texas

#161 | Tuesday, September 25th 2001
my mother came in my room around 9am or so and yelled "we are going to war". my mother is the sort of person who over-exaggerates so i told her i was going back to sleep. at 9:30am i turned on the news and saw four words that made my heart stop "new york city attacked". i started crying because my bestfriend lives there. and he had just gone into the city the day before. so i was really worried about him because he did not live too far from it i was worried sick. i tried calling him and i recieved this message from the operator "we are sorry. the area you are trying to reach is unavailable at this moment due to the tornado warning". i was really really confused. i will always forever remember this day and the affect it had on everyone. i finally did get a hold of him. he was pretty shaken up by it. seeing the wtc the day before.. and now it never being there again. all those people.. all the horror. it felt like a really really horrible nightmare. if only it would have been..
jessica lenee'. | 18 | California

#145 | Sunday, September 23rd 2001
Another note from Jesse . . .

Some things are hard to take. Mainly because they have been hidden away. The feeling of real is one of those things. For the people in the event, these past few days have been very real. Cut the bullshit and drop the sympathy act. You don't even know how to relate. Like little shaken up children, struggling to figure out whats happend and what will happen. How about this, a little idea I conjured up out of frootloop paste and motor oil...

Be in the now, there is nothing else but this moment.

Jesse Hart | 18 | Vermont

#144 | Sunday, September 23rd 2001
As american pride comes flooding out of every ignorant piece of shit T.V. builds the hate. And you trust it. You let it guide your thought and reasoning. Yeah get them back, so they can get you back, and then you can get them back again, so they can get you back, and on and on. Like little house flies hitting the window over and over and over. Everywhere I look people are attacking other people. Claiming that they must protect their way of life and their freedoms. Freedoms like the freedom of speach for example. But at the very same time they turn there backs to that thought and censor anyone with an actual opinion about this. If it's not chalked full of american ego then it's just not right. Or so goes the attitude.

Everywhere racism is taking place on a massive scale. If you even look like your from the middle east your in for some american "justice". As you come together to push and worsen the bullshit that you say your so opposed to. So quick to point the finger and blame the other. As the time passes i'm becoming more disgusted by the way we (americans) have reacted then by the very event it's self.

What should have opened so many eyes has only been polluted by more propaganda.

Jesse Hart | 18 | Vermont

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